Several main types of outdoor advertising media
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1. Electric sign advertisement
1. Electrical billboard advertising

Several main types of outdoor advertising media

this is a billboard that uses electrical facilities such as electric light sources and neon lights as media, It is one of the most magnificent outdoor advertisements.
there are two ways to spread advertising information: direct light shining and light flowing along the specific edge.
it can give people visual movement and pleasant aesthetic feeling.

setting this kind of lighting electrical advertisement.
generally, it is supported by steel frame, and the neon tubes are almost customized, The cost of replacing parts is very high.
outdoor electrical signboard advertising is eye-catching.
but the price is very expensive.

2 This kind of advertisement can be painted on the specially made billboard or directly painted on the wall with large area.
the painted advertisement can be kept for a long time.
it plays a role of repeated communication for people who often pass by.
the specially made billboard is usually located on both sides of the busy street.
it is neat and beautiful With the development of printing technology,
almost all the posters are colored.
the life span of posters is about one month.

as there are fixed routes for buses, ships and ferries, and a considerable number of passengers are fixed passengers, they contact these advertisements for many times,Some of the advertising information will leave a deep impression.

5. Air advertising
air advertising is the use of modern advanced technology.
it is a form of advertising that reflects the content of advertising information in the air.
for example, spaceship advertising, writing with smoke in the sky, carrying slogans with airplanes or balloons On the ground, special devices are used to project advertising images and words on the clouds, etc.

air advertising has a new look.
it has great influence.
air advertising usually exists for a short time and has a small audience, which greatly limits the effect of advertising.
of course, it has something to do with sales.
where billboards are needed for sales, you have to find a way to provide them, This is your job.

that is to say, outdoor advertising media personnel.
mainly according to the needs of the company's sales, do a good job in outdoor advertising research, review, negotiation, purchase, post maintenance, etc.
this is your job
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