What should we pay attention to if we want to choose an outdoor advertisement
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1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
1、 When to launch outdoor advertising
different media have different advertising effects:

What should we pay attention to if we want to choose an outdoor advertisement

1. If you are in the following situations, please use outdoor media
you want to sell products locally
you want to cause actual consumption actions
your business is local and national, and you want to remind and strengthen the audience's attention
you need to build and strengthen your brand image
your product only needs a small amount of information and tips please use TV media
you need to expand the market coverage
your business is local and national
your product needs to be demonstrated
you need to build and strengthen your brand
3. If you are in the following situations.
please use newspapers.
you are a local retailer<
you want to expand market coverage
you sell a product that can be clearly used
your product does not need to be demonstrated
you want to be able to cause product comparison, and provide product consultation and purchase information
you have enough funds
4. If you are in the following situations, Please use the magazine
you have a clear target audience
you want to strengthen contact with the audience again
you don't need to demonstrate the product, but you need to truly reproduce the product
you need to provide rich product information
you have enough funds
Second, how to effectively launch outdoor advertising
fierce market competition makes advertisers more and more mature, how to effectively launch outdoor advertising, The key is to regard outdoor advertising as a kind of commercial investment behavior, and consider how to obtain the maximum return on investment? It's not just a part of marketing activities.
it's not just a part of marketing activities
How to effectively launch outdoor advertising.
the key lies in:
the correct media strategy
outdoor advertising is an eye economy and a three second competition. What can be accomplished in three seconds? Is the advertisement remembered? Has the appeal of advertisement been conveyed? Does the audience remember the brand of the advertisement? Has the advertisement improved or established the brand image? Has advertising changed consumers' attitude towards products / brands? What is the travel situation of the target audience? How many people can be contacted by the media, and what is the audience of different outdoor? How many audiences are there? Which are the main audiences? What is the cost performance ratio? These problems need professional outdoor advertising companies or agencies to provide advertisers with correct media strategies.

for most advertisers,
how to launch outdoor media, It is a more subjective enterprise behavior.
the planners in enterprises often rely on the introduction from outdoor media of advertising companies and some simple on-the-spot understanding and information collection.
it is selected by the top management of enterprises.
as an advertising operation of enterprises.
this process is understandable and normal, but from the perspective of advertising effectiveness, there are too many subjective factors in this process, There is a lack of objectivity in the professional operation of outdoor advertising.

it is impossible for planners in enterprises to be very professional in outdoor advertising promotion; 2、 Limited energy; 3、 The information channel is not smooth enough; 4、 The quality of personnel is limited.
the deviation of planners in the unprofessional outdoor advertising calculation report usually results in the gap between the expected effect of advertising and the actual effect, and the cost of investment is huge.
such examples are common in domestic enterprise groups.
the influence of external factors on the decision-making level.
this paper analyzes the influence of external factors on the decision-making levelThe investment decision of outdoor advertising is often made by individuals.
at the decision-making level where the power is relatively concentrated, the individual's subjective consciousness and views directly affect the effect of the whole outdoor advertising.
in this link,
external factors have the greatest interference on individuals, which is also the main reason for the deviation of outdoor advertising effect.

in the specific media selection,
the screen design, the design and the design of outdoor advertising It is easy for advertisers to understand and control the publishing location and time. Due to industry differences, the media plan, publishing form, publishing cost, technical support, relevant laws and regulations and other factors of outdoor advertising are different, Therefore,
in the implementation strategy of outdoor advertising media selection, we should consider the direct participation of professional outdoor advertising companies.
mature advertisers take specialty (the level of outdoor advertising professional creativity and the professional ability of media delivery) as the standard of evaluation and selection of outdoor advertising companies There are many forms of media advertising: outdoor column.
outdoor LED display, light box advertising in waiting booths, light box advertising in pedestrian passageways, etc,
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