Incline setting of outdoor billboard
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1. Uniqueness

the object of outdoor advertising is the dynamic pedestrian, and the pedestrian receives the commodity information through the visual advertising image, so the outdoor advertising design should consider three factors: distance, perspective and environment.

Incline setting of outdoor billboard

in the open square and the sidewalk of the road.
the distance of the audience is 10 meters away, It's more convenient to look at an object 5 meters above the head.
so the first step of outdoor advertising design is to determine the position and size of the advertisement according to the distance, perspective and environment.
the common outdoor advertisements are generally rectangular and square.
we should design outdoor advertisements according to the specific environment, so that the appearance of outdoor advertisements can be coordinated with the background, There is no need to strive for unity in shape.
it can be diversified and its size should be based on the actual space and environment.
for example, the road signs in Italy are not very big.
they are unified with their ancient streets, It's very harmonious.
outdoor advertising should focus on creating good gaze effect.
because the foundation of advertising success comes from the contact effect of gaze.

2. Suggestiveness

since the audience is a mobile pedestrian.
then in the design of outdoor advertising, the location and time of the audience should be considered.
cumbersome pictures.
pedestrians are not willing to accept, In order to attract the audience to watch the advertisement, it is necessary to attract the pedestrian's attention in the form of concise pictures and revealing.
therefore, outdoor advertisement design should pay attention to the promptness.
with pictures and text as the guide and words as the auxiliary, the use of words should be simple and clear, and redundancy should be avoided.

3The whole picture and even the whole facilities should be as simple as possible, and the design should be original, and always adhere to the principle of less but better, trying to leave enough room for the audience to imagine.
we should know that consumers' attention to advertising is inversely proportional to the amount of information on the picture.
the more complicated the picture image is, the more confused it is for the audience; The simpler the picture is, The more attention consumers pay to it.
this is the effective effect of simplicity.

4. Planning

a successful outdoor advertisement must have its own strict plan as other advertisements.
without a certain goal and advertising strategy, the advertising designer will lose the direction.
therefore, when the designer carries out the advertising creativity, he should first make a market adjustment.
in this paper, the author puts forward some suggestions Once the advertisement is published in society, it will not only play a leading role in economy, but also in the field of consciousness, It plays a subtle role in real life.
therefore, designers must be responsible for their own work.
to make the works play a positive role in aesthetic education.
in this paper, the author makes an analysis of the aesthetic education of the works
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