Now there are more and more kinds of advertisements, such as newspapers, TV, outdoor billboards, etc. I've tried them all. I can invest a lot, but the effect is not good
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After you decide that you really need to advertise. Before the action, the important job is to find the right advertising media. Choosing the right media is an important basis to avoid the cost of advertising.
After you decide that you really need to put in ads.
before you take action.

Now there are more and more kinds of advertisements, such as newspapers, TV, outdoor billboards, etc. I've tried them all. I can invest a lot, but the effect is not good

the important job is to find the right advertising media, and choosing the right media is an important basis to avoid your hard decision to spend the advertising expenses.

direct mail advertising: direct mail advertising is a form of advertising that many small businesses are willing to use.
the advantage is direct to the target customers, However, direct mail advertising is to some extent a form of advertising to promote purchase, rather than the "cognition, interest and trust building" links in the early stage of advertising.
facts can prove that no matter how exquisite your design is, The ads seem to have "collection value"
if there is no previous interview or communication as a supplement.
unfamiliar DM ads often have little effect.
when a large number of direct mail advertising leaflets or pamphlets are sent to potential customers who have never dealt with them.
the response rate is often very low. What's the problem? Because: direct mail ads either make potential customers take immediate purchase action or lose their effect.
although many people think that potential customers will keep them until they have purchase demand because of exquisite design and other reasons.
in fact, it's very difficult.
try to keep the potential customers informed by other means, It's better to use direct mail ads.
for example, your salesperson has already contacted each other by telephone or email.
or you have a door-to-door visit and have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face, or you've already had the prophase advertising support, etc. in a word, you've established a mental connection with the customer through some other way, You can consider direct mail ads.
if you think that the other party is a potential customer.
even if you are sure that the other party has a purchase intention, OK, send your direct mail ads immediately.
such an operation sequence will improve the efficiency of your direct mail ads.
in this way, the efficiency of your direct mail ads will be improvedAt the same time, it can save your expenses and avoid the possibility that the publicity materials that you spent a lot of money and effort to make will be thrown into the garbage can.

magazine advertising: in general,
industry magazines have good effects as advertising media.
in traditional media,
magazines have the advantages of exquisite printing, large amount of information dissemination, concentrated target users, high efficiency, high efficiency and so on With the characteristics of high preservation value, it seems to be relatively "high quality and low price."
industry magazines have accurate marketing and large advertising arrival rate.
therefore, one of the ways to save money and achieve results is to find out the industry publications suitable for your advertising, and do not put them everywhere, Just find one or two authoritative magazines to publish.
first ask the other party to mail the latest issues.
analyze the magazine's publishing style, advertiser type, reader group composition, etc.
even analyze the regions where the magazines are distributed? Who are the magazine advertisers? Who are these customers facing? Read more issues.
for example, for more than three issues in a row, to see if the customers who have reference value for you have occasionally published one issue or regularly published it, and then judge whether the advertising on it is worth the money to you.
caskat period.
selected authoritative magazines such as "China packaging industry" and "lifting and transportation machinery" to launch, Simon Electric, Choose world family garden In general, it is economical to advertise in a suitable magazine.

when analyzing the advertising expectation of the target media.
the cost per thousand people should be used as the evaluation ruler.
many people are planning to publish newspapers or magazines.
they usually only focus on the proportion between the cost and the number of media audiences (such as circulation),Companies or advertisers who are really budget minded will find out the effective audience (such as consideration, proportion of readers, reading rate, etc.) more seriously, and divide the cost by the effective audience to calculate the real effective cost of one thousand people.

newspaper advertising: unless you are financially rich.
otherwise, you should be careful when placing advertisements in newspapers! The newspaper has a large circulation, but it has a short storage period and needs to be continuously launched, so the cost is high.
if your advertising budget is limited.
then use less newspaper advertising and only launch it appropriately when doing some major marketing activities, focusing on achieving the effect of promotion.
but it should be noted that.
the newspaper has a large circulation, a wide range of readers and simple channels for users, It's a good platform for brand promotion.
the most economical way is through soft articles or "making news". "
especially in the mainstream media, such articles can play a very good effect.
in addition.
articles published by mainstream newspapers can easily be reproduced by the network media, However, because of the popularity of TV and its sound and color, TV is the most widely spread and fastest advertising media.
in any case.
if you want to advertise on TV, you have to prepare a lot of money, It costs a lot from pre production to post production.
for many small enterprises, it's a good idea to think of ways from the aspect of public relations, such as letting the boss be a guest in the relevant column and talking in front of the camera. Many TV programs do not charge for maintaining the independence and objectivity of the program (of course, if you can exchange resources with the TV station,It's a good way not to spend money on TV, provided that the company or guest candidate has outstanding value to the industry or audience, This requires the company's relevant personnel to dig in-depth.

Radio Advertising: now the radio audience has become more and more subdivided.
specific people listen to specific radio programs.
radio is transmitted through sound.
it has the characteristics of fast information transmission and convenient carrying.
in general.
compared with television, the cost of radio media should be relatively low With the popularity of car audio, MP3 and MP4 (such as Ipod), the media status of radio is reviving, so radio advertising for specific audience groups should be a good choice.
for example, a large number of young people use MP3, MP4 or music mobile phones.
people with cars often listen to radio (maybe Music) while driving, However, white-collar workers often take a taxi to listen to the traffic station and so on.
the seemingly narrow radio actually has a very broad mass base.
therefore, we can consider the broadcasting from the perspective of audience preferences.

online advertising: online advertising has been booming in recent years.
due to the characteristics of the platform.
the advertising effect of online advertising, regardless of the screen, the media, the media, the media, and so on Brightly coloured or moving content, but advanced technology is a double-edged sword. Advertising is more, flowers and green spaces are shining, and the degree of interference is very high. For example, Sina, the customers who usually see home advertisements are often the customers of what industries, and the proportion of effective audiences is very low.
also the current Internet advertising costs are not low. In particular, the advertising on the portal website.
therefore, it is more cost-effective to consider the corresponding channel when advertising on the integrated portal.
in this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of the integrated portal websiteIn addition.
to put text content such as articles and screen ads together, the threshold of putting articles on the Internet is usually low (the effect is related to the quality of your articles), and the general website will meet your requirements.
or the more cost-effective way is content cooperation.
that is, to support the work of website editing, Another way to save money is to exchange resources.
but the basis of this kind of cooperation is equal or similar status in their respective industries.
for example, you cooperate with sina or Sohu.
if you are a leader in the industry and the content of cooperation can bring benefits to both sides, Maybe you can go on the advertisement first without prepaid money. If you cooperate with Baidu, it's similar. The industry leader's cooperation is more likely to provide common income content, so you can be recommended without paying, This is more effective for the promotion and promotion of products based on the Internet or wireless applications, such as music download.

competitive ranking is originally a good way for small and medium-sized enterprises to put in advertisements.
in the past two years, many small and medium-sized enterprises used it as an important means to enhance their popularity, but because of malicious click, Moreover, competitors can quickly surpass by paying a higher click price, making more and more investment in promoting popularity, However, I think that advertising promotion for a certain period of time is still a desirable choice.
of course, we need to make an agreement with the search engine in terms of preventing malicious clicks.

in addition,
choosing to advertise on the vertical portal is also a way worth considering.
follow the example It is the rise of vertical portal website.
in recent years, the development of vertical portal website has become more and more importantMobile advertising: mobile advertising is a new media market.
at the beginning of the market, the investment cost can be relatively low, and you can try it.
there are many ways of mobile advertising.
for example, Caixin advertising, mobile video advertising Mobile game advertising, etc.
you can make advertising pictures into standby screen saver, desktop background, mobile phone on / off, call screen, etc., or put animation video advertising or advertising content into relevant communities and mobile Internet pages, or plant manufacturer advertising in mobile games, etc.
try it at the beginning of the market.
the cost is low, The effect will also be more obvious.

however, when doing mobile advertising, especially advertising related to value-added services, we need to pay attention to: at least at this stage, we have to avoid many minefields set by strong monopoly mobile operators through formulating various strict policies.

treat advertising media differently:
even the same kind of media.
sometimes we need to treat them differently in order to achieve the effect Even if the same category of small media is used, different media will be adopted. For example, magazine.
Cathcart enters the Chinese mainland market, and the main attacking industry is packaging industry.
. So the industry authority magazine "China packaging industry" has been chosen to advertise.
regularly, because the direct users are forklift manufacturers, and.
has chosen.
. So it depends on their purchase cycle.
for example, after the Spring Festival in the first half of the year, it lasts for 2-3 consecutive months.
in the second half of the year, when customers adjust their budget in June and July, and in October and November before the end of the year, the reminder advertisements of customers' annual budget adjustment period) are on the front cover, back cover or back cover of the magazine,In the middle, a full page of color advertisements are interspersed on the inner page to recommend products to potential customers more directly, vividly and in a high profile. At the same time, popular science articles on products are properly written for magazines to enhance and enhance readers' understanding of such products; However, in a more professional but emerging industry, logistics magazine, such as logistics technology, has published more popular articles and only a small number of advertisements.
the two ideas are slightly different.
for the potential customer market, we should inform them first and then guide them to have an in-depth understanding, so as to achieve the goal of "embedding caskat first is a forklift accessory, Then, we can further understand the guiding effect of "forklift accessories"; However, for those in the industry, we should first make them understand comprehensively, and then remind them with advertisements, so as to achieve the impression of "first understand what forklift accessories are, and then make it clear that kaskat is the authority on forklift accessories."
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