How to write the advertisement leaflet of outdoor products store?
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There is no simple advertisement leaflet, only advertisement, and there are clear regulations. Take a look. Article 1
There is no simple advertisement leaflet, only advertisement propaganda, and there are explicit regulations. Take a look.

How to write the advertisement leaflet of outdoor products store?

Article 1 according to Article 3 of the advertising law of the people's Republic of China, "advertisements should be true, legal and meet the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization construction", this standard is formulated Advertising publishers should embody the basic requirements of guiding people with correct public opinion and shaping people with noble spirit in their advertising activities. In the process of implementing the advertising law of the people's Republic of China, they should pay attention to the construction of spiritual civilization and social benefits.
Article 3 the fundamental purpose of strengthening the construction of spiritual civilization in the advertising market is to promote the prosperity and healthy development of the advertising market, Promote the advertising industry to better serve the reform and opening up and economic construction, serve the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and meet the needs of the people's material life and spiritual and cultural lifeArticle 4 the scope of application of this standard includes all kinds of advertisements published in the following media of the province: (1) advertisements published by newspapers, periodicals, books, catalogues, guide atlas, picture album, wall calendar, desk calendar, pictures, picture cards, tickets and other publicity materials( 2) Advertisements broadcast by means of radio, film, television, video, slide show, electronic display screen and computer network( 3) Advertisements set up in various outdoor buildings, public facilities or spaces( 4) Advertisements set up and posted inside and outside cultural, sports, entertainment, business, service, tourism and museums( 5) Use vehicles, ships, planes and other means of transportation to set up, draw, post and publish advertisements for the public( 6) All kinds of advertising materials sent through the post office( 7) Advertising materials and product manuals printed on various commodities or sold, presented or distributed with commodities( 8) Literary and artistic advertisements set up in various cultural and entertainment places( 9) Use other media and forms to publish, broadcast, set up, post and distribute the advertisements.
the advertisements are published, broadcast, set up, posted and distributed

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