What is the latest way of outdoor advertising( Additional score)
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All kinds of gifts are made and distributed free of charge/
Free distribution of various gifts / LED advertising / wall advertising outside Shanghai / community light box advertising / waiting hall (bus stop) / light box advertising / online advertising / Book Advertising / outdoor media / outdoor brand / outdoor glass wall advertising / roof billboard / printed matter / supermarket trolley body advertising / road sign publishing and production / supermarket advertising / spotlight billboard / body advertising / waiting room There are large billboards on the top of the building /
waiting booth advertisements, subway advertisements, etc.

What is the latest way of outdoor advertising( Additional score)

Internet advertisements, billboards on the top of the building, outdoor glass wall advertisements, etc.
there are neon advertisements, light box advertisements, etc. which use light performance as the element to achieve communication effect,
there are mobile advertisements, such as car body advertisements, Some are supported by new technology, such as electronic screen advertising, etc<
spotlight billboards, electronic screens, high altitude balloon advertisements, etc
go to the websites of major advertising companies. It's most appropriate to ask the advertising staff. Advertising in loucheng, advertising space, billboard advertising, slogans, pictures, flyers, electronic screen advertising, advertising car, car advertising, etc. ·

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