On the evaluation of outdoor advertising effect
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You can start with the characteristics of the car body advertisement and the waiting booth advertisement to analyze for customers
You can start from the characteristics of body advertising and waiting booth advertising to analyze for customers

On the evaluation of outdoor advertising effect

first, suitable for customer types: not suitable for high-end customers, suitable for fast-selling products and customers closely related to people's life
Second, advantages and disadvantages of body advertising and platform advertising
both advantages are that customers can choose the areas they want to cover; The coverage is more accurate
the disadvantages of both are.
they are easily affected by force majeure such as weather, public transport and government policies; The production cycle of painting is long; It is not easy to maintain
three plus some data: for example,
coverage of people, arrival rate, cost per thousand people, etc.
but it is difficult to give objective data from the outdoor, so it is recommended that you find a bus or kiosk supplier and ask for a data survey (such as CTR, AC Nielsen, etc.) done by a third party for them, so that you can easily explain to the customers, We are not afraid of customers questioning the source and authenticity of the data.

the above is a media evaluation from several aspects, not related to the specific routes and locations.

I hope it can help you ~ ~ ~ ~:) 1. The media price depends on the market situation, new vision public transport advertising, million 35980 long-time one hundred and sixty-seven
the pricing of outdoor media should follow the market principles, That is to say, the price of media in a certain location should be determined around the specific market, and the market situation determines the specific price of media in a specific location.
when setting the price, media owners often take into account many cost factors, such as the position cost, license building amortization, picture production and installation cost, electricity fee, maintenance fee, etc., and refer to the number of competitive media in the media location / road section Price and other factors, on the basis of which, a certain profit expectation and discount point are added to finally form its external price.

2. The analysis of investment effect between people flow and attention rate
high people flow does not necessarily mean high attention rate.
2High attention rate must be supported by high flow of people, which may be a problem encountered by all types of outdoor media.
according to the observation,
in areas where billboards (high columns) appear in piles, most people have not paid special attention to these billboards However, when customers choose to use specific outdoor media for advertising, they will continue to take the flow of people as one of the main indicators to judge the advantages and disadvantages of media.

3 The location of outdoor advertising media is dominant
in the field of outdoor advertising.
the location factor is still dominant.
this "location" includes not only the location of specific points, but also the location of relatively broad concepts such as road sections and regions.
it is also airport expressway.
however, the price of outdoor media of airport expressway in Beijing and Shanghai is more than 5-10 times that of airport expressway in other cities, This is obviously the difference between location and location.
even in the same road section or business circle.
different locations have obvious differences in value and price.
of course, location can not determine everything.
the top location may not be suitable for all types of customers, but in the general sense, a better location is generally superior in media value, price, customer contact, etc, This is determined by the characteristics of outdoor media.
as for cost performance,
it may be combined with the communication purpose, direction, demand and marketing strategy of specific customers, and the evaluation standard of cost performance is ultimately in the hands of customers themselves, which will be tested and certified in the market.

4 The technical level of media major and perfect post service
generally speaking.
in the future, the media major has the following characteristicsThe problems that outdoor media owners receive most complaints from customers include picture quality, lighting, and standardization of monitoring reports.
due to customers' detailed investigation of the location in the early stage, this problem is less.
media maintenance.
due to objective and subjective reasons, customer complaints will be caused by specific problems, For media owners, the way to solve the problem is to further improve the professional service ability and level, improve the quality of media components, improve the relevant technical level, strengthen media inspection and daily monitoring, and strive to solve the problem before customers find it.
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