What is the effect of outdoor advertising in the first tier cities?
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Zhengzhou bus advertisement, private letter
Zhengzhou bus advertising, private letter
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What is the effect of outdoor advertising in the first tier cities?

the most important criterion to measure whether the outdoor advertising choice is appropriate is "whether it effectively affects your target consumer group"<

this involves two key points:
① pertinence: whether the advertisement covers the behavior line of the target consumer group. If your consumers are from the first tier cities, it's right to put them in the first tier cities; If your consumers are in the second and third tier cities and your products are also in the second and third tier cities, then advertising in the first and second tier cities can only be very different<(2) effectiveness: whether the advertising content can be watched, understood and deeply moved by consumers. Inexperienced advertisers often move the pictures of print ads directly to outdoor ads, resulting in a variety of problems, such as the handwriting is too small to see clearly, the color contrast is too weak to be eye-catching, too many words, pedestrians have no time to read, and so on. Excellent outdoor advertisements can attract unexpected attention and form a news topic: Recently, there is a real estate advertisement in Nanning. The brand stands opposite cucci, joking that "the down payment only needs the price of two bags on the opposite side", causing netizens to take photos and forward. The advertising effect is far more than that of an outdoor billboard itself. The first tier cities are the loss outweighs the gain. They must make complaints about the design and production of the outdoor advertising resources. Once the mistakes are made, the advertising expenses will be wasted. Liquor, automobile, real estate, food, beverage, home appliances, building materials market, home furnishing (ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring...), banking, insurance, financial credit, telecommunication (mobile, Unicom, telecommunication), education, medical treatment, tourism and so on, need Zhengzhou public transportation advertisement (million 35980, long-term million 67), waiting booth, private letter
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