Do outdoor billboard advertising good confused
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What industry is your choice, but if you choose, don't give up
What industry is your choice, but if you choose, don't give up lightly.

Do outdoor billboard advertising good confused

I joined the advertising industry two or three months ago this year. Like you, I do outdoor advertising signboard design, production and installation, and interior and exterior decoration. I just started with a small amount of business, but no matter how big or small, I feel a sense of achievement after finishing every order

I don't know what kind of mentality I will have after five or six years, but what I want to say is that as long as there is a reasonable space in this society, don't be confused, please stick to it

it's not easy to change careers. To do a good job, it doesn't depend on which industry he belongs to, it depends on your mentality<
it's OK to find a better boss, or do it by yourself, together with other signboard makers. Now the external signboard makers are all 150 a day. As long as you have excellent skills, are sincere and down-to-earth, don't worry about not finding work to do

I wish you health and happiness every day! Whether it is "led signboard", "plaque signboard", or "Trinket advertisement (such as small fan, small story, motto, etc.), the market is quite large
the key is to extend your business scope to neighboring counties and cities, so that financial resources will come in
it's better to settle accounts on the spot when doing business. It's more troublesome to pay on credit.
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