How to explain outdoor advertising?
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The explanation of outdoor advertising terms
Billboard: refers to all outdoor media that transmit advertising information.
the size of the media depends on the actual environment.

How to explain outdoor advertising?

the picture of billboard can be drawn manually

advertising budget: refers to the funding plan needed to achieve the advertising objectives of an enterprise.
it specifies the total amount and scope of funds required for advertising activities during the advertising plan period.

Advertising frequency: the number of advertising messages received by the audience within a certain period of time.

advertising approval: refers to the number of advertising messages received by the audience within a certain period of time The content and form of advertisements should be reviewed by the advertising company to the audit department designated by the state.
the approval of outdoor billboards and forms must go through the local outdoor advertising approval office.

thousand person cost: the method to measure the actual utility of advertising investment cost.
calculation method: the media price per unit area per month × 1000 / daily actual traffic flow
daily average traffic flow: Daily actual audience of advertising space includes people flow, vehicle flow and bicycle flow.
(source of data: Statistics Bureau, Yearbook and other sources)
target audience: refers to the target audience of advertising information dissemination.
that is, the audience of advertising information Advertising object.

landmark: is a special term for outdoor advertising.
refers to the landmark area or place of each city.
or the area that can fully reflect the style and development of the city (region).

discount return: delay the "discount voucher" given to the advertising company.
after the advertising company orders a certain amount of advertising from the media company.
obtain some special discount The discount is generally used in Internet media, such as bus shelters, subways or buses.
the discount is used in Internet mediaUsually, such discounts or discounts are paid in the form of cash or gift certificates when the contract is completed.
and part of the amount of the contract can be deducted in the next purchase.

buyer's market: it is a buyer centered market.
when there are more sellers and less buyers in the market, the supply of goods exceeds the demand, the sellers compete to sell, and the buyers wait and see, In the buyer's market, the buyer is in a dominant position.
seller's market is a seller centered market.
when there are more buyers in the market,
the outdoor advertising space provided by the seller can not meet the needs of the buyer, which leads to the rise in the price of advertising space and the seller is reluctant to sell, The buyer is eager to buy.
in the seller's market, the seller is in a dominant position.

extension of lease term: refers to the advertisement placed outside the house by the outdoor advertising media when an accident occurs during the outdoor advertising period.
when the advertisement fails to be displayed smoothly,
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