How to do market capacity and market share survey?
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Get a questionnaire, find some people to do a questionnaire, effective point~
Get a questionnaire, find some people to do a questionnaire survey, effective point ~
attached a questionnaire for reference:

How to do market capacity and market share survey?

questionnaire introduction: 1, the content of the questionnaire does not involve trade secrets and personal privacy, please rest assured to answer

2. In the spirit of being responsible for yourself and having a basic sense of social responsibility, please be objective, accurate and authentic when answering. Thank you for your cooperation

1. Which of the following industries or systems do you work in

A, medicine and health B, education system C, construction and real estate D, metallurgy and mineral e, petrochemical F, water conservancy and hydropower g, transportation h, it network I, communication and information industry J, light industry and food K, clothing, shoes and hats L, tourism and leisure sports m, office and home n, logistics and international trade

II Which of the following traditional advertising forms do you usually choose in your industry

A, TV B, radio c, newspaper D, magazine e, outdoor F, car body light box g, online advertising h, DM Direct Mail Advertising

Third, which of the following new advertising forms do you prefer in your industry( Easy to choose)

A. website alliance advertising B. electronic bill advertising C. smart business SMS D. Telecom Card advertising F. outdoor large screen (LED) g. LCD linear media h. Internet bar alliance advertising I. Bill advertising J. DNS traffic correction K. advertising RBT L. network direct investment M. public telephone booth advertising n 4. As a mass consumer,Which of the following advertising forms is most acceptable( Easy to choose)

A, website alliance advertising B, electronic bill advertising C, smart business SMS D, telecom card advertising F, outdoor large screen (LED) g, LCD linear media

H, Internet bar alliance advertising I, Bill advertising J, DNS traffic correction K, advertising RBT L, network direct investment M, public phone booth advertising n 5. How much does your company spend on advertising every year<

A. less than 5000 yuan / year B. 5000 yuan - 20000 yuan / year C. 30000 yuan - 50000 yuan / year D. 50000 yuan - 100000 yuan / year E. more than 100000 yuan / year

VI. what do you think are the shortcomings of the existing advertising methods<

① (traditional advertising form of the second question mainly) (multiple choices) ()

② (new advertising form of the fourth question mainly) (multiple choices) ()

A, high price B, insufficient effect C, poor communication D, single form e, strong audience resistance F, don't understand G, others___________
A, brand (category) B, public service advertising C, corporate image D, product sales F, other<8. What's your advertising time

A. product introduction period B. product promotion period C. synchronization with other forms of advertising D. others learned from the "Fourth Council of the fourth session of China Tea Circulation Association" held in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province on the evening of the 29th,In 2010, China's spring tea production encountered a rare extreme bad climate, and nearly 70% of the tea gardens in the main tea producing areas in China were affected. However, through strengthening the management of summer and autumn tea, the annual tea production continued to grow. It is estimated that this year's national total tea production will reach 1.4 million tons, and the domestic sales will exceed 1 million tons.
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