Where is the largest screen in Asia in Beijing
Author:Zhong Binlong Time:2021-10-03 13:34 Browse(876)
In Beijing, the World Trade Center
At the place in Beijing, a 250 meter long LED electronic display screen has been discovered, which is the largest LED screen in Asia
located on the west side of the "bird's nest and Water Cube" on the middle road of North Fourth Ring Road, Pangu grand view building complex is the only building complex with seven star hotels, high-grade apartments and super luxury office buildings in Beijing. Its huge scale and unique appearance are unforgettable. The four LED displays on the main building, with a total area of 2483 square meters, are the first in Asia<

Where is the largest screen in Asia in Beijing

at present, the huge advertising images of "pay attention to the NPC and CPPCC, pay attention to the people's network" and "watch the NPC and CPPCC anytime and anywhere on the mobile people's network" have been displayed in the center of the North Fourth Ring Road, and the audience in the East, West and south directions can feel the great appeal of the people's network brand.
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