Is outdoor advertisement a new media advertisement?
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New media advertising forms:
New media advertising form: electronic menu new media: take the tablet computer, pad and iPad electronic menu in the middle and high-end restaurants as the media, increase the public awareness of the brand through high-definition big picture, 3D effect, video effect, audio effect, hyperlink effect and TV program effect, and face the high-income crowd, so as to achieve the best effect of brand communication, Making full use of the concept of fashion is by far the youngest and most fashionable new media. Outdoor new media: at present, outdoor new media advertising includes outdoor video, outdoor projection, outdoor touch, etc. these outdoor new media contain some outdoor interactive factors, in order to attract people and enhance the value of the media. Mobile new media: with mobile TV, car TV, Metro TV as the main form of expression, through the packaging design of mobile TV programs, to increase audience stickiness and facilitate advertising. Mobile new media: mobile media is by far the most popular, fastest, most convenient and mandatory platform of all media forms, and its development space will be very huge. In the next two to three years, 3G mobile phones will gradually become popular, and mobile media will become an important means for ordinary people to obtain information in their daily life. If you don't know anything, you can go to the official website of "evaad art" to check it. It's new media. Many advertising websites plan outdoor media as new media. I'm also an advertiser. The company is doing new media, and it's mobile Bluetooth media.

Is outdoor advertisement a new media advertisement?

everyone says it's new media, but I personally think this kind of media can't be regarded as new media any more. It's too common now. Many of them are big outdoor brands, such as three side flip, etc.

but if there are strict regulations, it's still new media

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