Outdoor advertising tender
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Outdoor advertising project bidding notice
Bidding announcement of outdoor advertising project

Outdoor advertising tender

Project No.: 32050120070830101
1. The construction of Zhenshan road outdoor advertising project of Huatong development and Construction Co., Ltd. in Suzhou hi tech Industrial Development Zone has been approved by Tong'an Finance Institute of Suzhou National hi tech Industrial Development Zone.
the source of funds required for the project is self financing, which has been implemented.
qualified potential bidders are invited to participate in the bidding of the project.
the bidding of the project is completed<(1) project location: Suzhou high tech Zone bidding type: construction bidding region: high tech Zone
(2) project scale: Investment: 450000 yuan, building area: 0 square meters, project nature: decoration project bidding amount: 450000 yuan (3) planned start and completion time: from September 11, 2007 to October 10, 2007
4. The bidding project is divided into one bid section.
bid section division and corresponding bidding contents are as follows:

bid section serial number bid section content contract estimated price (RMB 10000) requirements for enterprise qualification and grade requirements for project manager qualification The grade requires enterprise performance and reputation, project manager performance and reputation
0001 Zhenshan road outdoor advertising project 45.0000 enterprises with independent legal person, similar experience and good reputation, Other requirements of the applicant: (1) prequalification requirements:
(1) the ability to conclude contracts independently; and
(2) qualification category and grade of the bidder: similar experience is required
(3) the enterprise has the conditions for safe production<(4) the legal representative of the enterprise (or the agent entrusted by the legal representative) must handle the bidding registration and qualification examination,The entrusted agent must be an in-service employee of the enterprise.

(3) the applicant is disqualified in prequalification in case of the following circumstances:
(1) being ordered to suspend business, disqualified from bidding, or property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt
(2) an enterprise is suspended from bidding by relevant departments due to winning the bid by fraud or serious breach of contract, major project quality and production safety accidents, etc<
(3) the important contents in the prequalification application are untrue or falsified.

5. Method for obtaining the bidding qualification (bidding) documents:
Document Type: no prequalification method:
start date for obtaining documents: deadline for obtaining documents
start time in the morning: end time in the morning; start time in the afternoon: end time in the afternoon
place for obtaining documents:
6 From August 31, 2007 to August 31, 2007, register at the information Hall of Suzhou Construction Engineering Trading Center at 09:00 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. (except public holidays and holidays).

the starting time of Prequalification materials: 09:00 a.m. on August 31, 2007.
the ending time of prequalification materials: 15:00 p.m. on August 31, 2007
Tender Box No.: Tender Box 10 (tentative), Note: (1) the applicant shall put the materials into the designated pre qualification material box in a sealed bag within the time of submitting the pre qualification materials.
the submitted materials are as follows:
(1) application for pre qualification (general format)<
(2) written application for registration (contact number, fax, etc. of the applicant with official seal attached).
(2) application for registrationThe legal representative of the enterprise (or the agent entrusted by the legal representative) must handle the bidding registration and qualification examination of the applicant; The entrusted agent must be the employees of the enterprise.
and provide the labor contract, social security certificate and other effective proof materials, as well as the power of attorney signed by the legal representative of the enterprise and stamped with the corporate seal and the company's official seal, and the copy of the ID card of the entrusted agent<(4) there is no false or fraudulent letter of commitment in the important contents of the prequalification application<(5) a copy of the business license (duplicate) of the applicant<(6) copies of performance materials of similar projects (outdoor advertising projects with a single project cost of no less than 450000 yuan) of enterprises after August 30, 2005, including start time, location, owner, cost, scale, quality, owner's contact number and other elements (performance materials are construction contract, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction cost, construction quality, owner's contact number, etc.) All the above-mentioned materials shall be bound into volumes in sequence in duplicate and sealed in bags.
the name of the project and the bid section shall be indicated on the sealed bags, All copies shall be stamped with the official seal of the company.
in addition, the original copies of all materials provided above shall be checked on the second floor of the trading center from 15:00 to 16:00 on August 31, 2007.
if the original copies are not checked, they will not be confirmed during the evaluation.

(2) method for determining the bidder: all the pre qualified applicants shall be shortlisted within 3-5 companies.
if there are more than 5 companies, the owner shall designate 2 companies to select randomly Three were shortlisted; If the number is less than 3, the application will be postponed.

8. Address of the bid inviting party:
contact person: Fax: Telephone:
postcode: E-mail:
9. Bidding agency: room 307, Huafu building, 76 Shishan Road, Suzhou City
contact person: Wang Zhen Fax: 68256963-1002 Tel: 68256963-1023
postcode: 215011 e-mail: xinyizaojia@163.com
10. Bidding agency Project leader information: Gu Jinmei
project team leader: Wang Zhen gender: male card number:
professional title or practice qualification: contact number.
project team leader: Wang Zhen
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