What conditions should a good P2P online lending platform have?
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1、 Platform investigation
1、 Platform investigation
1. The online lending platform is only an intermediary, so it must be completely transparent to investors and borrowers. So when I chose the platform, the first thing I did was to ask the platform customer service some questions, such as the average monthly loan amount, the average monthly standard amount, what's the standard, the tone, and so on. The platform customer service attitude was very good, The introduction is very detailed.

What conditions should a good P2P online lending platform have?

2. The answer given by the platform customer service must be positive information.
I need to check myself.
so I specially inquired about their company's registered industrial and commercial number.
the registered capital and the actual stored capital are all true. At this time, my vigilance has dropped a lot.

3. There are some third-party platforms on the online loan platform, which are specialized in investigating the status of the platform.
the credibility is very high, Online lending platforms and investors are active on the third-party platform, so you can learn the general situation from it. I mainly look at the information released on the platform, the investors' evaluation of the platform, whether they have been reported, etc.

4. This is the last and most practical way.
go to his company to visit directly, as the saying goes, seeing is believing, This is the reason why some third-party platforms put their online lending platforms in different regions.
after reading the overall situation of the company,
I basically believed it, but I was still a little relieved, so I specially tracked their bidding volume and speed for several days on the platform, which was very fast and popular.

2 Understand the security of the platform
1. Whether the platform is a mortgage guarantee, the platform requires the borrower to provide assets or physical objects as collateral.
handle mortgage procedures in the property registration department, and publish the corresponding information in the loan bid section. Investors can check the relevant documents of mortgage guarantee at any time
2. Does the platform have an advance payment of principal and interest? Under the authorization of the investor, the platform collects interest and principal from the borrower and pays them on the date agreed in the order,In addition, the platform undertakes the full guarantee liability, and promises to pay in advance regardless of whether it is charged on schedule

3 Requirements of the platform
1. The platform is in the form of a website.
the function of the website must be powerful
in the P2P network lending industry, investors lend to borrowers through the P2P network lending intermediary platform, and the funds flow online, Then, there are quite high requirements for website functions and program security.
take a simple example.
when you suddenly find that the website can't be opened the next day after investing in a website, you will be very worried about whether your funds are safe, and doubt the strength of the platform, and even withdraw the funds directly, and no longer invest a cent in this platform
2. In order to form its own unique style and advantages, it takes time for the platform to form an industry, and for people in the industry to constantly discuss and compete with each other, so as to create a stable and well-developed industry. In this process, the platforms learn from each other and learn from each other's experience and the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, Finally, the advantages of.
are different from those of different platforms. Of course, this is not contrary to the regulations and the impact of investor's capital security..

3. awesome
P2P platform is an intermediary platform..
does not directly interfere with the lending process, but it has the responsibility to find a stable and reliable lending target for investors. In other words, the risk control of the platform should be excellent and have a keen sense of every potential risk in the "mine filled" financial industry! To help investors achieve "zero risk" investment
4. We should provide real-time data to investors on a regular basis.

when it comes to data.
we should be concerned about what kind of data can reflect the strength of a platform? In fact, it's very simple. What the data shows is that the website is developing and has good operating conditions! Then these visual data can be the amount of loans in a single month, the bad rate of the website, the high or low crowd and activity of the website, whether the monthly amount of loans is stable, the amount of loans in a single standard type, the number of investors in a single standard type and the amount of investment, etc.

Xinlian online welcomes you to verify.
continue to be open and transparent, Let everyone rest assured.
P2P online lending platform mainly has the following promotion channels:
SEM: SEM is a common promotion channel.
you can choose to operate in Baidu, 360, Google and other search engines.

SEO: SEO is a long-term process.
optimization work such as friend chain, article writing, post chain, etc.

SNS: microblog, wechat, blog, forum, post bar, etc QQ, etc.

outdoor advertising: you often see outdoor large screen advertising.
you can use the subway, plane, train, bus, large shopping malls, etc.
in the past two years.
square dancing is popular, which is a potential user, so you can consider square advertising.

media: do P2P online loan platform promotion.
media is a good choice, newspapers, magazines Radio and television, news, video, etc.
can write soft articles.
can also conduct media interviews or video production.

offline: outdoor advertising is also a way of offline promotion.
there are many ways of offline promotion,Online loan industry exhibition, investor meeting, conference marketing, flyer sending, and products printed with P2P online loan platform advertisements, such as cups, advertising shirts, etc.

other common promotion methods: Encyclopedia (such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Sohu Encyclopedia), Q & A (such as Baidu, Sohu, etc.), e-mail marketing Word of mouth.
you can also cooperate with other platforms.

there are many promotion channels for P2P online lending platform.
as long as you find them carefully, there are promotion channels everywhere in your life. Remember to do a good job in data analysis when promoting, and you can adjust the promotion plan at any time.
in this paper, the author analyzes the existing problems in the promotion of P2P online lending platform
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