I want to spray ads on the wall. What kind of outdoor ads do I do?
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Advertising companies
Advertising companies are the places that sell creative ideas: computers 2000 yuan / set, engraving machines 2000 yuan / set, automatic banner machines 15000 yuan, engraving machines 15000 yuan, inkjet machines 70000 yuan, photo machines 5000 yuan, imported hundreds of thousands of non capped, consumables need 20000 yuan, the rest need operators, this industry is no longer a violent industry, Inkjet printing earns more than 1 yuan per square meter, and the work of banners is becoming less and less. Most of them have been changed to LED scrolling screens. When changing the content, just change it on the computer. More and more people don't make banners, and the industry is becoming more and more transparent. Since you have a relationship, it's better to recruit two designers. You go to find the relationship to enliven it, and the designer designs it, and finally transfer the work to the Pacific advertisement upstairs, The one among you is bigger than him! Caution in advertising industry

I want to spray ads on the wall. What kind of outdoor ads do I do?

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