How to effectively track advertising effect data
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In today's Internet era, big data technology has gradually matured and is breaking what you call "untraceable effect". If the media monitoring data can be falsified, the sales data and store arrival data can not be falsified, so there is still a better way.
In today's Internet era, big data technology has gradually matured and is breaking what you call "the effect can't be traced."

How to effectively track advertising effect data

the effect can be traced.
this can alleviate the problem you said. If media monitoring data can be falsified, sales data and store arrival data can't be falsified, So there is still a better way.

I don't know what industry and product you are talking about.
here are several cases of quantitative evaluation.

1. Quantitative evaluation of outdoor advertising.
including online search, browsing, and even consumption data, offline store quality, etc; Or whether people who have seen advertisements have improved their cognition and impression of the brand, which can be more accurately evaluated through location big data, e-commerce data, store arrival data and ID tracking research.

an Internet enterprise launched outdoor advertisements for six weeks in a first tier city in the first half of 2017.
the selected outdoor media types mainly include waiting booth advertisements, shopping mall advertisements, shopping mall advertisements, etc Subway advertising, LED large screen advertising and building LCD advertising, through the location big data, we make a more accurate analysis of the people who reach the advertising, quantify each evaluation index, and clearly see the effect of outdoor advertising investment.

1) coverage scale
based on the user location big data.
we accurately count the number of people who pass through outdoor advertising space during the advertising period, In addition to the overall coverage,
the reach effect of different outdoor channels is also clear.

2.) touch frequency
is the same.

2It can also calculate the reach frequency of each audience by different media channels and the whole campaign.
this means that outdoor advertising can finally be measured by R & F (reach & frequency), a common basic index in TV and digital media.
advertisers can make horizontal comparison between different media channels.
optimize media delivery strategy.

3.) The o-grp value of outdoor advertising is an important indicator of TV advertising effect evaluation.
after the rise of online video, the concept of i-grp gradually appeared in the market.

and based on location big data.
outdoor advertising can also realize the calculation of o-grp value.
thus, the comprehensive exposure effect of advertising can be quantified.

in addition to basic monitoring of exposure and click data, it can also monitor the search, browsing and consumption behavior of e-commerce platform, search engine brand / product search data, and offline store to store data, In the first half of this year, a mother and child enterprise launched a 4-week pre placement for a popular TV series on three domestic video websites.
it received sufficient advertising exposure on all media platforms, which is normal from the exposure monitoring data.
after that, the product sales of its online channels also improved.

the product sales of its online channels also improved However, customers would like to know more about:
the growth of online sales is caused by this wave of advertisingOr other factors
is there any difference in the effect of the three media platforms with the same advertising form and the same play content
based on group A / B test, other factors affecting sales volume are excluded, The relationship between the advertising investment and the promotion of product sales was analyzed in depth.

through the cooperation of the third-party advertising monitoring agency, the mobile phone device numbers of the exposed users related to the advertising were divided into three exposure groups and one control group.
the exposure group was the users who were touched by the advertising on the three media platforms; The control group was the users who were not touched by any platform advertisement.
then, based on the big data of user behavior of the partners, the purchase behavior of the four groups of users on the JD platform before and after 6 weeks (1 week before launch, 4 weeks after launch, 1 week after launch) was analyzed, First of all,
we analyze whether the launch has improved consumers' purchasing behavior.

the figure above shows the relationship between launch time and users' purchasing behavior on the e-commerce platform.
from the figure, we can see that: (BR> 1) media a and C exposure groups show a very classic purchasing behavior Trend:

the buying behavior of the two groups of TA fluctuated after the beginning of advertising, and increased significantly in the third and fourth weeks. Consumers attach great importance to the quality of maternal and infant products, and even for FMCG, they also have a long purchasing decision cycle.

after the end of advertising.
the curve fell back, However, it is still higher than that before advertising.

media B exposes abnormal behavior of usersNot only was the purchase behavior significantly lower than that of the other two exposure groups.
even compared with the control group, there was no significant improvement.

we combined the advertising cost, the advertising cost, the advertising cost, and the After considering the marketing cost, we focus on the indicator of "sales increase brought by marketing cost per thousand yuan". The results show that: the overall sales increase brought by the launch on the Jingdong platform, Compared with the three media platforms,

the ROS of C media is the highest, followed by a media.
but the ROS of B media is abnormal.
it is not only significantly lower than the other two media, but also far lower than the advertising cost itself.

therefore, we believe that.
from the perspective of whether advertising can effectively improve product sales, The ROS of media B is too low.
customers should work with the media and the third-party monitoring structure to find problems.
before finding and solving the problems, they should be cautious to reduce the investment of media B.
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