How to attract attention in outdoor advertising
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Outdoor media is nothing more than "new" and "strange".
Outdoor media is nothing more than "new" and "strange" efforts.

How to attract attention in outdoor advertising

is through the innovation of outdoor advertising performance, the use of novel ideas, to attract the audience.

is through the differentiation of outdoor advertising, different from the conventional form of outdoor media, Show the difference.

let's talk about "strange" first.
General brands have two main purposes in outdoor advertising.
one is to establish a brand image, and the other is to improve sales (in fact, both of them are ultimately to improve the return on investment).
in order to pursue cost performance, some advertisers ignore media image, layout strategy and picture performance, Advertising is submerged in the vast army of outdoor media, the gain is not worth the loss.
since we want to attract the attention of the audience, we must give up There is a choice.

in the media selection.
the media with large area must be more eye-catching than the media with small area.
outdoor media itself is a kind of media with strong space.
outdoor advertising is also to supplement the indoor media and attract the attention of consumers in outdoor space.
this kind of instant attention media needs a large area Big visual impact.
enhance the media effect.

say "new"
in common, it means the use of creativity and new technology.

all kinds of advertising types attach great importance to creativity.
the major creative competitions can prove that.
novel creativity can make people smile when they see advertisements Suddenly realize or touch the deep emotions in your heart.
have a deep memory of advertising.

in addition,
use outdoor advertising to interact with the audience,Let the media and consumers have the information transmission and feedback, which will naturally have a certain memory and influence on consumers.
through word of mouth.
word of mouth and attention will naturally rise, and form a virtuous circle.
spray painting advertising is now out.
nowadays, commercial hotels use large-scale lighting paintings made by night sky rainbow on the outdoor exterior walls, The theme can be designed.
to increase the festive atmosphere.
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