Why do you do outdoor advertising in business
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1. Establish brand image, strengthen corporate image and leading position in similar products
1. Establish the brand image, strengthen the corporate image and the leading position in similar products

Why do you do outdoor advertising in business

2. Improve the public awareness of the enterprise and its products, and enhance the brand's contact and exposure frequency
3. Outdoor advertising has various forms, such as LED display screen, outdoor column, etc., which are in the area with large flow of people and traffic, and the momentum is magnificent, Strong visual impact
4. Outdoor advertising itself has a certain compulsion and a wide audience
5. The high frequency of outdoor advertising instills the visual image and style of products into the minds of consumers bit by bit, occupies the mental resources of consumers, and promotes sales. When making outdoor large-scale inkjet and computer draft, it is generally made according to the actual size of 1:1. The accuracy is generally 30 DPI, but it can be changed under special circumstances. Generally, it is about 30 dpi for less than 5 square meters, 25 dpi for 5-30 square meters, and 20 dpi for 30-100 square meters. More than 100 square meters of image accuracy can be lower, the general file in the storage TIF does not compress the case do not exceed 400m, there is in PS according to the actual size display time do not have mosaic can be. The format of graph should be TIF graph of CMYK.
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