Who can tell me about the outdoor advertising abroad?
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French advertising
French advertising

Who can tell me about the outdoor advertising abroad?

outdoor advertising is suitable for the urban environment

Paris is the capital of France and an international metropolis, but there are few modern skyscrapers in urban construction.
most of the buildings on both sides of the main roads in the urban area are 7-8-storey buildings.
buildings in the 18th and 19th century, In order to protect the cultural relics and arts, the local government stipulates that the buildings on both sides of the urban road should retain the original artistic style regardless of expansion and maintenance, and the facilities in the property can be modernized.

although the road is not spacious, the traffic is smooth, and the urban art sculpture with greening makes people feel like they are in the park.
when you drive or walk on the street, Outdoor advertisements will come into your eyes from time to time and naturally.
outdoor advertisements set up in French cities are mostly 3 × For a 4-meter light box, the picture of the light box is mostly a whole flipped type, with no more than three flipped advertising pictures, and the flipping time interval of each picture is about 15 seconds.
the setting of the light box is generally at the head, tail and middle of a street.
no more than three pieces.
I don't know if it's a coincidence.
advertisers are very familiar with the concept of "3". "
yell three times.
it's easy to remember, too much is boring, There are too few and not enough flavor.
there are no large column flyswatter billboards in the urban area.
even there are no similar outdoor advertisements on both sides of the urban expressway, which is in sharp contrast with the "domineering" outdoor billboards in many cities in China.

however, large-scale computer spray painting outdoor advertisements are occasionally seen in the urban area, It is generally set on the walls of large venues or major high-rise buildings.

another feature is that large outdoor advertisements are set on the enclosure of urban building road maintenanceThere are many art buildings in Paris.
during the maintenance period, the enclosure of some whole buildings is painted by computer according to the original art buildings. If you don't look at it carefully, it can be confused.
the maintenance projects on both sides of the roads in the city are equipped with enclosures. If you have art patterns, you can also use large outdoor advertisements as enclosure, There are various forms of outdoor advertising in France.

such as shop signboard advertising.
there are not only traditional forms of carved frames in the 18th and 19th century, but also modern computer inkjet printing and POS advertising.
the advertisements of telephone kiosks and newspaper kiosks in the streets of the city have typical European style, It can be called a scene.
on the road.
in addition to bus body advertisements, there are advertisements with commodity models on the roof shuttling in the urban area.
in the open space of large parking lots or gas stations.
large sculpture advertisements are more attractive.

outdoor billboards are well made.
beautiful form

from the form and bracket of outdoor billboards, French outdoor advertising is creative and exquisite, including straight column and inclined column.
materials are stainless steel, aluminum alloy and color spray.
outdoor billboards have appropriate specifications and proportions.
it makes people feel comfortable and durable when they are watching intentionally or unintentionally, There is no surprise.
this may be due to the European countries' aesthetic view of outdoor architecture.
the color of billboards also reflects the romantic mood of the French, giving people a kind of visual enjoyment of beauty.

the public welfare of outdoor advertising settings

the location, spacing density and size ratio of outdoor advertising settings in France.
there is no surpriseIt seems that they all take into account the surrounding environment and pedestrian density of the city, making people feel warm and convenient, but they don't have the domineering spirit of outdoor advertising in big cities in the United States, and almost can't see the "Big Mac" column advertising.
for example, the waiting booth advertising.
only one or two pieces of advertising are set up, and the whole booth is transparent with seats, Even there are trash cans.

cities with different shapes have different styles.
even bicycle parking spaces are designed into artistic shapes.
some cities also have electronic display signs.

* Russian advertising

roof advertising

roof advertising is the most prestigious advertising in Russia The most expensive form of outdoor advertising.
there are more than 200 rooftop advertising in Moscow at present.

in the late 1980s.
with the neon signs of Coca Cola appearing in the center of Moscow, Russian rooftop advertising began to appear.
defi France, a global advertising agency, introduced American made advertising signs into Russia, As a pioneer of Russian roof advertising industry,

large global companies ordered the first advertising logo through online agencies.
in order to save money,
advertising logo has been maintained for nearly 10 years.

in the economic crisis of 1998,
the utilization rate of advertising space decreased, On the contrary,
the amount of payment for rooftop ads ordered through Internet agencies has hardly decreased, and the companies engaged in rooftop ads have a better chance of recovery.

according to songs of RussiaThe economic crisis defined the market leader, Trinity neon and defi Russia became monopolists in this field.
the new outdoor advertising law passed in January 2002 limited the number of ground advertising.
this may affect the development of roof advertising.

neon advertising

before the reform.
all billboards in the Soviet Union were produced by gazosvet factory, The quality and quality of neon lights were very average.
at that time, neon lights were still unknown.
when it appeared.
it was considered as a fashion.

in 1993.
felt the need for new methods, We R. international advertising company produced the first neon small device.
the company also provided EGL equipment and materials for the first time.
the president of we R. advertising company said in an interview with sins of Russia.
in order to understand the neon industry, we should not consider the problem from an artistic point of view, but from a practical point of view.
Russia's cold climate, especially in winter, In order to solve this problem, neon advertising makers began to use high current transformers and low temperature gas mixtures.
companies that still use outdated Soviet transformers to save money can not solve the problem of neon lights in winter.

neon lights still have a bright future in Russia It's controversial.
a new neon advertisement set up in Moscow has the same impact as Las Vegas.
however, in many dark cities.
any development will come to no avail.
in the end

A town of the size of Suzdal (population 15000) and Tula (population 497500) may not have active customers.
If a new bar opens,
the news will soon spread, Therefore, there is no need for the bar to attract people's attention through fancy advertisements.

body advertisements

compared with other Russian cities.
Moscow's transportation agencies are more strictly regulated, and only trolleybuses can drive on the main roads, This makes body advertising less attractive to customers.
but anyway.
there are two times more buses than trolleybuses, They drive between suburban communities in Moscow.
in the 1990s.
the advertising rate of bus bodies is higher than that of trams.

the smooth surface of trams is not easy to accumulate dirt.
therefore, trams are considered as the best advertising carrier.
its disadvantage is that they can't take the main road.
because its tracks will hinder the traffic of the main road.

for small and medium-sized enterprises
the most effective way is to advertise with sound or post advertisements in buses and trams.

pop, which is in the early stage of development, didn't show a positive development trend until four years ago, At present, only 10% of the population often goes in and out of supermarkets.
the living standard, effectiveness and cultural literacy are low.
the advertising industry in Russia has become an independent development branchExcluding others.
in this 10%.
western investment accounts for 90% of pop market.

about digital technology

the advertising industry in Russia seems to have started from 1991 to 1992.
but digital broadband printing technology has been developed all over the world at the same time.
for example,
Russia's first vutek3300 installed in 1998, It is the 13th generation product made by vutek.

the economic crisis in 1998 reduced the demand for broadband products by half.
by the autumn of 1999, the market began to recover and continue to develop.

development and decentralization

according to espar Analyst Research Co. and sins of Russia in Moscow.
Russia's annual outdoor advertising revenue reached 150 million, In the past three to four years, due to the emergence of several new forms of advertising, the outdoor advertising market has been booming.

the continuous exploration of advertising market regulation by Moscow authorities is expected to attract more advertisers, The market recovery since the economic crisis in 1998 has been triggered.
markets in other places except Moscow are still underdeveloped in terms of outdoor advertising specifications and selection.
most of them are still 10 × However,
with the decentralized management of Russia, the remote areas are developing rapidly.
outdoor advertising media will become the best media with the most growth and development potential in the 21st century. "This is the conclusion drawn from the investigation of the media situation in six European countries by Henley Centre, the world authority.
this paper is based on the investigation of the media situation in six European countriesFortune magazine recently published an article pointing out that with the increase of people's tourism and leisure activities, as well as the wide use of high-tech.
outdoor media has become a new favorite of advertisers, and its growth rate is much higher than that of traditional TV and Internet Newspaper and magazine media.

the development of global outdoor advertising has entered a boom period
from 1990 to 2000.
the development of global outdoor advertising has entered a new stage.
outdoor advertising investment has increased from 11.7 billion US dollars in 1990 to 16 billion US dollars in 1999, It is estimated that it will reach US $22.6 billion in 2003.

1. Outdoor advertising in developed countries in Europe and the United States develops rapidly
according to the survey of the United States, Canada and 22 European countries.
from 1990 to 1999, the amount of outdoor advertising has nearly tripled, and it has accelerated since 1995, The amount of outdoor advertising increased from $6.8 billion in 1995 to $9.5 billion in 1999, an increase of 39% in five years Since 1995, outdoor advertising in the U.S. market has been growing at an annual rate of nearly 10%.
by 1999, it has reached US $4.6 billion.
it is estimated that it will reach US $7.2 billion in 2003.
it is 2.5 times that of 1993 ten years ago.
the amount of outdoor advertising in the U.K. has also increased rapidly since 1995.
the average annual growth rate in five years is more than 5%, In 1999, it reached US $820 million and is expected to reach US $1.16 billion in 2003.

2. The growth rate of outdoor advertising will exceed that of traditional media
with the increase of people's leisure activities in recent years.
2Outdoor activities have become a new trend. At the same time, due to the low cost of outdoor advertising per thousand people and high contact rate, it is expected that the growth rate will be higher than that of traditional media such as TV, newspapers and magazines in the early new century.
according to statistics, from 1990 to 1999, the growth rate of TV media is the fastest, accounting for 88%, followed by magazines, accounting for 53%, and outdoor media ranks the third, According to zenith media's prediction,
from 1999 to 2003, the growth rate of outdoor advertising was the fastest, reaching 35%, TV ranked second, accounting for 32%, and newspapers and magazines ranked third and fourth, It can be seen that outdoor advertising presents a strong momentum of development.

3. The brand of outdoor advertising has expanded from FMCG (fast consumer goods) products to many industries
in the past, outdoor media was considered to be only used to promote similar beer, cosmetics and other products But now the situation has completely changed.
with the increase of people's outdoor leisure activities.
with the development of high-tech and its wide application in outdoor media, outdoor advertising creativity is constantly improving, which makes advertisers pay more attention to the rapid communication effect of outdoor advertising, According to the statistics of clear channel, the world's largest outdoor media company,
from 1999 to 2000, the industries with the largest proportion of outdoor media publishing abroad are food and beverage, media and entertainment, retail, telecommunications, automobile, commercial services and other ten industries.
in contrast, the outdoor advertising in China is still mainly limited to daily chemical products, entertainment products and other industries We are glad to see that with the approach of China's accession to the WTO, many emerging industries in China, such as financial industry, automobile industry and retail industry, will also refer to foreign media delivery methods,More and more promotion expenses will be invested in the outdoors.
in the future
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