How to attract more attention in outdoor advertising
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In the face of many enterprises in the promotion of products, have begun to take outdoor advertising as one of the preferred release media, in the face of outdoor advertising momentum of development, we must understand that the outdoor advertising industry competition will be more intense, and the essence of its competition, from the perspective of advertising effect, is naturally for people's "attention".
In the face of the overwhelming development momentum of outdoor advertising, we must understand that the competition in outdoor advertising industry will be more intense, and the essence of the competition should be considered from the perspective of advertising effect, In order to achieve exaggeration,
we can see that billboards are bigger and bigger, and their colors are more and more bright.

How to attract more attention in outdoor advertising

some large companies prefer to make huge objects as a means of outdoor advertising.
the root of its effect is exaggeration.
because it goes beyond the conventional.
it gives people a lot of information stimulation, People can't resist the temptation of extreme exaggeration, and unconsciously and willingly pay attention to it.
some companies tend to hire some models.
wear the company's products and so on to wander on the street to attract the attention of pedestrians.
it's just this kind of outdoor advertising.
at the same time of extreme exaggeration, Still need to consider the other two points: whether it can repeatedly appear, increase pedestrian attention? Is it possible to ensure that all target customers can receive the information transmitted? Obviously, because this kind of outdoor advertising is only carried out on a small scale, and the cost is high, the effect of its advertising implementation needs to be measured.
the ingenious side of "taking advantage of the opportunity" is a dazzling array of billboards.
on the other side, there are busy people in a hurry. How many people will take the initiative to appreciate it? How many people will remember the flash of scenery? Therefore, how to make pedestrians actively pay attention to outdoor advertisements is the focus of outdoor advertisements.
there is a banner in Wuma street of Wenzhou with the handwriting of "MetS bonway". "Br> when you walk near Wuma street, you can see that the banner is striking your eyes like a team of Abbots.
when you look up, you can see that the banner is striking your eyesHowever, in the United States, people made clocks and watches long ago, with advertising signs hanging under them, The signboard attracts the attention of tourists with the help of clocks and watches.
it seems that this is also the "advantage" marketing of advertising works.
the design of outdoor advertising should also follow the principle of simplicity and clearness.
it should be noted that things stand out in comparison.
outdoor advertising only wakes up when people are in chaos, For example, Calvin Klein, a famous clothing brand, does not rely on words to express itself.
it uses black and white billboards to bring out strong contrast, The lighting of neon lights enriches the urban nightlife.
it also arouses people's yearning for the urban life of noisy devices.
driven by high technology.
the technology of neon lights is more and more complicated, It seems that the neon light is good enough to present a brilliant streamer.
the truth that "more flowers are not gorgeous" should attract the attention of advertisers.
in fact,
making outdoor advertisements is like choosing clothes for a woman and daughter.
only girls without taste will like those clothes with many trivial decorations.
to make up for their lack of temperament.
the charm of coordination is very important for life Advertising is a part of daily life, which is closely related to production practice; For those who are far away from the city, the colorful neon lights, huge anti-aircraft guns and advertising posters with star faces, as symbols of modern cities, stir up people's endless fantasies about urban life style.
with the rapid development of outdoor advertising industry, some outdoor advertisements have strong commercial flavor, which destroys the classic quality of the city, Some outdoor advertisements are vulgar and violate the civilization of the city,The identity of modern outdoor advertising, the increasingly homogenized consumer goods and high-rise buildings together create a city image with thousands of holes on one side.
the picture shows an outdoor signboard in Shanghai.
the antique design integrates with the surrounding environment, It is reported that there is also a tower shaped clock advertisement in Xi'an.
its simple temperament adds to the charm of Xi'an city.
as a symbol of modern city, outdoor advertisement plays an irreplaceable role in the urban cultural structure. Outdoor advertisement can only live in harmony with rich urban cultural connotation, This is the value of cultural advertisements.
let's look at the regulations recently issued by the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee to prohibit buses with commercial advertisements from passing in front of Tiananmen Square.
just imagine, if the creativity of these advertisements is completely based on the urban nature of Beijing and the cultural characteristics of China, can we ban them more? According to a survey, due to people's fixed work and life routes, the audience coverage of static outdoor advertising is significantly smaller than that of dynamic outdoor advertising.
transportation has entered people's advertising field of vision.
in fact.
western countries began to use transportation for advertising for a long time, In China, multinational corporations also began to make car body advertisements earlier, and they all regard car body advertisements as a means of corporate image display.
in recent years.
the streets of many cities in China are also full of this kind of flowing "art"
just to truly become a work of art for pedestrians.
the forms of car body advertisements in China should be diversified, The pattern should be fresher.
it first appeared in the advertisement sprayed on the fuselage of the aircraft after the 1998 World Cup.
the design of the aircraft should be more freshAs a form of advertising with great gimmicks,
the arrival rate of its advertising is worth considering.
of course, not all enterprises or organizations can and are suitable to board this "plane."
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