Is elevator advertisement outdoor?
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That's right. Generally speaking, the advertising industry classifies the elevator advertising (the LCD at the elevator entrance and the frame billboard inside the elevator) into outdoor advertising.
Generally speaking,

Is elevator advertisement outdoor?

the advertising industry classifies elevator advertisements (liquid crystal at the elevator entrance and frame billboards inside the elevator) into outdoor advertising.

outdoor advertising generally refers to outdoor advertising objects set up for advertising or publicity purposes, which often appear in areas with high traffic flow.
common outdoor advertisements, such as enterprise LED outdoor advertising light box, LED outdoor advertising light box, LED outdoor advertising light box, LED outdoor advertising light box, etc There are roadside billboards, neon billboards, led billboards and multi-function picture awnings installed on the windows.
now there are even balloons Airships and other advanced forms of outdoor advertising.

according to the building classification
spotlight billboards
are equipped with spotlights or other lighting equipment around the billboards.
they are called spotlight billboards.
their characteristics are beautiful.
the lighting effect is excellent at night, And can clearly see the advertising information.

neon billboard
is made of neon tube bending into text or pattern.
with different colors of neon tube, emitting colorful colors.
it can also cooperate with the flashing form of electronic control to increase the movement.
night effect, strong visual impact.
single column billboard
billboard is placed on the special support column, with column type T or P type, Advertising devices are set up on expressways, main traffic roads and other places, facing dense traffic and people flow.
the size of common use is 6 meters high x 18 meters wide.
it mainly uses spotlights as lighting equipment.

large light box
is placed in the advertising position of building exterior wall, roof or podium.
it is a color billboard in the daytime, The lighting effect of the light box advertising is better.
the lighting effect of the light box advertising is betterHowever, the maintenance is more difficult than the spotlight billboards, and the lamps used are easy to wear and tear.

by location
wharf advertisements
set up various billboards within the wharf area.
for example, big brands inside and outside the station

the billboard of the waiting booth is set in the outdoor media of the bus waiting booth.
the main form of expression is the light box.
the advertisements arranged in this kind of media are mainly consumer goods.
you can buy multiple advertising spaces of the waiting booth individually or online to achieve a wide coverage or even cover multiple cities.

the subway advertisements are set within the scope of the subway All kinds of advertisements are collectively referred to as subway advertisements.
they are in the form of 12 light boxes, 4 passage posters, special light boxes, escalators, posters in the carriage, etc.
they are characterized by concentrated flow of people, low cost of transportation, and low cost of transportation High visibility.
can increase product awareness.
can be purchased alone or online.

bus advertising
belongs to mobile media.
the form of expression is full body painting and banners hanging boards on both sides of the body, etc., which is characterized by wide contact area and high coverage, The route or region can be selected according to the target audience.
it can be published in the form of individual or online purchase.

airport advertisement
billboards set around and inside the airport.
generally, it is aimed at the audience with higher level and income.
such as business and outbound tourists.

railway station advertisement
advertisement set within the scope of railway station.
it is mainly for passengers from all over the country The target audience is characterized by high flow of people and coverage of adjacent areas.

venue advertising can be said to be the product of the TV era.
it is mainly set around the competition venue in the stadium,And large-scale assembly venues.
venue advertising actually transmits information through live audience and TV relay.
with the increasing attention of large-scale live TV programs, the effectiveness of venue advertising has been greatly improved.

inflatable modeling advertising
inflatable modeling advertising is mostly used for product promotion and publicity.
it can be divided into long-term and temporary types.
in exhibition venues, inflatable modeling advertising is mainly used for product promotion and publicity Large gatherings, public relations activities, sports activities and other outdoor places can be used.
because the modeling objects are generally larger than the physical objects.
the design is unique and the color is conspicuous, It has a strong appeal to the audience.

signpost advertising
signs for public facilities (such as subway stations) or shop locations.
can reserve space for advertising promotion at the same time
by road
sidewalk billboards
billboards set on both sides of the sidewalk, It can make the passers-by clearly see the advertising information.

telephone kiosks are generally located in crowded areas or public places.
the probability of passers-by contact is very high, but they need to be maintained and kept clean, In order to ensure the advertising effect.
telephone kiosks in different areas have different forms and sizes.

the newspaper reading column has different advertising positions.
we call it the newspaper reading column advertisement.
it has the same nature as the sidewalk advertisement.
it can also be called "the sidewalk newspaper reading column advertisement.

the hanging advertisement is set in front of the hotel door On the poles on both sides of the road.
they are made into light box advertisements, road flags and other advertising forms.
this kind of advertising form has the advantages of convenient production, direct, wide information dissemination, etc.
but the advertising area is small.
the flags are hung on the lamp posts on both sides of the street.
this kind of advertising form has many advantagesIt is also called Road flag advertisement, which is also a kind of hanging advertisement.
usually, when advertisers hold large-scale activities or a promotion cycle,
they often use road flag advertisement to create a warm atmosphere and expand the exposure rate of enterprise logo and activity theme.

other single media
outdoor advertisements published on the external walls of buildings.
large posters are posted on the wall Posters, paintings, decorative flags, etc.
are mainly used to publicize products and promote corporate image.

three side flip is one of the more expensive outdoor advertising devices.
this device has three prism.
the advertising screen content uses materials such as spray painting, computer photo or outdoor color post it.
it is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.
when these prisms rotate, It can form three different advertising pictures.

unlighted billboard
the billboard without any lighting equipment on the billboard is called unlighted billboard.
this kind of advertising belongs to the early form of advertising media.
with the continuous development and update of outdoor media forms, Electronic screen (including all electronic outdoor advertising media)
is a relatively novel form of outdoor advertising.
it is commonly used in modern cities.
it is controlled by computer.
it can display colorful graphics and text on the screen in turn by inputting advertising pictures or TV advertising films into the program, which can display a number of different manufacturers, brands and brands in a short time Different brands of goods have the characteristics of dynamic, changeable, novel and unique, repeated play, etc., which can arouse the great interest of the audience.

elevator advertising
in residential areas, there are various styles of signs or LED display in the elevator electricity.
outdoor advertising can be divided into 1 painting category, 2 light source category, 3 electronic category, 4 traffic category, 5 air category, etc.
the main types of outdoor advertising are: 1 painting category, 2 light source category, 3 electronic category, 4 traffic category, 5 air category, etc

The drawing category includes posters, banners and road signs<
(common ~.
the audience is limited and the cost is low. The key is to have a good grasp of the advertising audience, highlight the product features, make the advertising appearance novel, attract attention, and highlight the taste.
with my experience, the effect is OK.
but not lasting)
the light sources include neon lights, light boxes, colored lights, etc
for electronics, there are multi-color flip display, LED display and super large screen TV
(the cost of the above two forms is relatively high, and I think the cost performance ratio is average)
the transportation categories include car advertising, in car, station board, station, TV screen car, ship, aircraft, etc (this effect is good, but we must grasp the advertising opportunity. It can be put in city parks and squares on national day and other festivals, with a wide audience. It is mainly used to enhance the product image and promote corporate culture)
other advertisements include competition advertising, sculpture advertising, tower advertising, bridge advertising, umbrella advertising, garden flower bed advertising, lamp post advertising, ice lantern advertising, ice lantern advertising and so on Three dimensional models, etc.

(high cost.
lasting utility)
there are also space advertisements with space shuttle, spaceship and artificial satellite as media in foreign countries.

(there are not many in our country)
so it doesn't count.
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