What are the outdoor advertising types of logo lights
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1. Outdoor advertising

What are the outdoor advertising types of logo lights

outdoor advertising is a relatively traditional method.
it is usually made of pigments, paints and coatings.
wall advertising is one of the most economical and applicable outdoor media.
it can be made directly on the wall.
billboard advertising.
is one of the most important methods for manufacturing outdoor media.
the advertising slips and pictures are made on the sheet iron and the wall The poster advertisement refers to the e1j advertising method that pastes on the shops, streets, stations, airports, subways and other public places to provide brief product or service information.
it is one of the typical outdoor advertising media.
the poster advertisement is widely spread? Notice is the advertisement written or printed on the cloth, mainly including banners and straight banners.
it is usually set in the venue, square, main street and buildings.
it is the most frequently used advertising method in exhibitions or various celebration activities.

2. Source outdoor advertisement is the embellishment of the city's nightscape.
in the urban landscape design, Neon advertising is an important content.
neon advertising originated in France. The first principle is to turn on the inert gas in the closed glass tube and emit light. Different gases emit light in different colors. With the development of science and technology, it presents the application of colorful glass tube and spraying phosphor.
as a beautician of urban night scene, neon lighting has been on the market for a long time since 1910, It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, strong dynamic effect, sensitive manufacturing and various colors.
it has the advantages of "obvious color.
simple and clear", and can produce colorful products without demand,The pictures and words with different shapes,
3. Outdoor light box advertisement
the transparent advertising film that lights up the outside of the box body with lights in the box constitutes a fierce luster effect.
it is mainly used outdoors.
such as the joint light box billboard and advertising booth on both sides of the commercial street.
during manufacturing, it can also be specially processed, which can form the light spot beating, bright light and light At night, it is illuminated from the outside to the inside, and the advertising appeal is vivid.
4. Colored light advertising.
refers to the outdoor advertising media made by hanging lights, rainbow decoration tubes, low-voltage small light bulbs and other light sources alone or in combination.
has the similar function with neon.
it is also convenient and simple to make neon, Large scale outdoor projection refers to the use of optical projection principle, a kind of high-power projection equipment and high brightness light source to project the full-color advertising content on the negative film onto the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, forming a visual impact of outdoor advertising at night.
generally, large-scale outdoor projection is mainly used in high-rise buildings with large flow of people It is difficult to set up billboards in places such as city landmark buildings, bridges, walls of high-rise buildings, etc.
in addition, this kind of projection method is also widely used by the government in some large-scale celebrations and gatherings.

4. Electronic outdoor advertising
refers to the media method of using advanced electronic technology to release and control advertising.
electronic flip billboards.
also known as magnetic flip display system, It obtains the required Chinese characters, letters or symbols from its own small character library of electronic computer, and forms various kinds of pictures, which are displayed on the display board according to the actual needsIt can also obtain information from the character library, input other information of advertisers into the writer, adjust and transmit it to the display board, and consume power as long as the information is changed, It can save energy.
TV screen wall.
is a large display screen made by using the principle of TV imaging.
there are usually two methods: TV combined screen wall and high-definition large screen TV wall.
LCD TV advertising.
it is an advertising media with high scientific and technological content developed in recent years.
because LCD is light, thin The pictures are highly clear.
they are mainly used in traffic advertisements such as buses, subways and airplanes. In recent years, they are also used in buildings, elevators and other places.
Dav advertising car is an advertising method presented in the city in the early stage, Now it has changed to villages.
usually, loudspeakers are installed on the East and West cars.
along the streets and lanes, advertising content is continuously broadcast on tape.
billboards can also be placed at the mercy of the car and in the rear compartment.
in addition, it is necessary to install loudspeakers on the East and West cars
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