Why can outdoor advertising drive urban development
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Outdoor advertising can directly reflect the economic activity of a region. It plays an inestimable role in the image and development of the city.
Outdoor advertising can directly reflect whether a region's economy is active.
it plays an inestimable role in the image and development of a city.

Why can outdoor advertising drive urban development

outdoor advertising can appeal to many consumers in the open air or public places through advertising forms.
materials that can achieve the purpose of promoting goods can be called outdoor advertising media.
outdoor advertising can be divided into two types: plane and three-dimensional Major categories: plane advertisements include signboard advertisements, poster advertisements, wall advertisements, posters, banners, etc.
three dimensional advertisements are divided into neon lights, advertising columns, and advertising tower light box advertisements.
in outdoor advertisements, signboard and poster are the two most important forms, The main characteristics of outdoor advertising are as follows:
1. It has strong selectivity to regions and consumers.
on the one hand, outdoor advertising can choose advertising forms according to the characteristics of regions.
for example, it can choose different forms of advertising in commercial streets, squares, parks and transportation, Moreover, outdoor advertising can also be set according to the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area; On the other hand, outdoor advertising can provide repeated publicity for regular consumers who often take part in activities in this area, making them have a strong impression.

2. Outdoor advertising can make better use of consumers' blank psychology in public places when they are walking.
at this time.
some well-designed advertisements The colorful light of neon lights can often leave a very deep impression on people, which can attract higher attention rate and make them easier to accept advertisements.

3. Outdoor advertisements have a certain compulsive appeal nature.
even consumers who are in a hurry may leave a certain impression due to a casual glance of advertisements,In particular, with the development of high-altitude balloon advertising and light box advertising, outdoor advertising has its own characteristics, and these outdoor advertisements also have the function of beautifying the appearance of the city, It often makes consumers accept advertisements very naturally.

5. The content of outdoor advertisements is simple.
it can avoid the interference of other contents and competitive advertisements.
moreover, the cost of outdoor advertisements is low.

outdoor advertising media also has its shortcomings, mainly in the following aspects:
1 The coverage is small.
because most of the locations are fixed.
the coverage will not be large and the publicity area is small, so special attention should be paid to the choice of location when setting outdoor advertising.
for example, billboards are generally set up in places with high population density and strong mobility.
there are more floating population coming and going from south to North in airports, railway stations and ship terminals.
they can be used for national advertising.

2 The effect is difficult to evaluate.
because the objects of outdoor advertising are people who are in outdoor activities.
these people are mobile, so the acceptance rate is difficult to estimate.
moreover, people are always in contact with them in activities.
therefore, the gaze time is very short, even only a fraction of a second. Sometimes people may be in contact with many outdoor advertisements at the same time, so to achieve advertising effect, It's very important to let people's vision stay.
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