What are the forms of outdoor advertising? Can you analyze it for me?
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Guys, let's start with categories:
Man ~ first, it can be divided into categories:

What are the forms of outdoor advertising? Can you analyze it for me?

outdoor advertising can be divided into categories: 1 painting category, 2 light source category, 3 electronic category, 4 transportation category, 5 air category, etc

the drawing categories include posters, banners and road signs
(common ~, the audience is limited, and the cost is low. The key is to grasp the advertising audience, highlight the product features, make the appearance of the advertisement novel, attract attention, and show the taste. With my experience, the effect is OK, but not lasting)
the light sources include neon lights, light boxes, color lights, etc
for electronics, there are multi-color flip display, LED display and super large screen TV
(the cost of the above two forms is relatively high, and I think the cost performance ratio is average)
the transportation categories include car advertising, in car, station board, station, TV screen car, ship, aircraft, etc (this effect is good, but we must grasp the advertising opportunity, which can be put in city parks and squares on national day and other festivals, with a wide audience, mainly used to enhance the product image and promote corporate culture)
other advertisements include competition advertising, sculpture advertising, advertising tower, bridge advertising, umbrella advertising, garden flower bed advertising, lamp post advertising, ice lantern, three-dimensional model, etc
(high cost and long-lasting effectiveness)
there are also space advertisements in the media of space shuttle, spaceship and artificial satellite abroad
(there are not many in our country
in fact, the key to good advertising lies in many factors, such as product, audience, media access, taste and so on. Its effect can not be discussed hastily. If we have the opportunity, we will introduce it in detail, and we will discuss it slowly. yes , we have
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