How to promote a newly launched P2P online lending platform
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P2P online lending platform mainly has the following promotion channels:
The main promotion channels of P2P online loan platform are as follows:

How to promote a newly launched P2P online lending platform

SEM: SEM is a common promotion channel, which can be operated in search engines such as Baidu, 360 and Google
SEO: SEO is a long-term process, such as friend chain, article writing, distribution chain and so on outdoor advertising: we often see outdoor large screen advertising, which can be used in many places, such as subway, plane, train, bus, large shopping mall, etc. In the past two years, the square dancing lady is quite popular, which is a potential user, so the advertisement of the square can be considered
media: to promote P2P online lending platform, media is a good choice, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television, news, video, etc. Can write soft text, media interviews or video production
offline: outdoor advertising is also a way of offline promotion. There are many ways of offline promotion, such as online loan industry exhibition, investor meeting, conference marketing, leaflet distribution, and products printed with P2P online loan platform advertisements, such as cups, advertising shirts, etc
other common promotion methods: Encyclopedia (such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Sohu Encyclopedia), Q & A (Baidu, Sohu, etc.), e-mail marketing, word-of-mouth, and cooperation with other platforms
there are many promotion channels for P2P online lending platform. As long as you find them carefully, there are promotion channels everywhere in your life. Remember to do a good job in data analysis when promoting, and you can adjust the promotion plan at any time. Do word promotion on we media, do keyword promotion on search engine, and do offline activities to promote what
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