On publicity
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Must first set the theme ~ and then find information ~ (information is a good direction) and think about the composition Oh~
We must first set the theme ~ then find the information ~ (the information is in the good direction) and think about the composition ~
the following points for reference:

On publicity

(1) advertising materials: Wholesale and retail of PVC composite board, plexiglass, domestic rubber sheet, transparent color (light box cloth).

(2) Decoration Engineering: large factory decoration, shops, office buildings, brand image stores, image display cabinets, exhibition booths.

(3) laser carving: plexiglass, PVC characters, crystal characters, three-dimensional carving, two-color board, wood carving, trademark.

(4) outdoor advertising: colorful neon lights, outdoor billboards, body advertising, metal advertising words, light boxes.

(5) production and installation: special shaped plexiglass hot bending, screen printing, image billboards, signboards, hotel doorplates, employee work cards, VIP cards, gold cards, silver cards, membership cards. With the lowest cost to get the maximum publicity effect, the specific implementation depends on the specific situation of your side
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