What are the outdoor advertisements in Beijing?
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What are the outdoor advertisements in Beijing?

1. Tradition: big brand (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Ring Road), airport / community, office building, parking lot / electronic large screen /
2. Community: Beijing mainly includes elevator brands (ten), medium and high-end brands in the community - Jing media, brands in parking lots, and billboards on car poles in parking lots
3. Subway: booth, carriage, carriage screen, etc. (various forms); There are two kinds of classification methods: one is fixed and mobile: * fixed billboards, mainly including: (1) large billboards (2) sidewalk billboards (3) traffic advertisements * mobile advertisements, mainly including: (1) bus body advertisements (2) hot air balloon and spaceship advertisements. The second is electronic and non electronic: electronic includes TV wall, LED display screen Neon et al. The non electronic category is the above-mentioned road signs, bus body and other advertisements
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