What kind of new media can be developed except for outdoor brands, LCD video ads, flip flops, bus ads, subway ads, etc??? Or has it been developed?? Eager to answer
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Bus advertising is also divided into inside and outside the car
There are also two kinds of bus advertisements: inside and outside the car.
now there are advertisements for car bodies of private cars, gas stations, rear windows of taxis, outdoor electronic screens, plane advertisements in elevators, and advertisements for dining tables. As long as you want to develop them, there will always be media, It refers to the introduction of the products or services they sell or provide through certain media and forms.

What kind of new media can be developed except for outdoor brands, LCD video ads, flip flops, bus ads, subway ads, etc??? Or has it been developed?? Eager to answer

the advantages and limitations of various advertising media
advertising media mainly include newspaper media, magazine media, radio media, television media, outdoor advertising media.
as well as mail advertising media and other media.
these main media are in the following aspects: delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery rate, delivery There are differences in frequency and impact value.
for example,
the delivery rate of TV is higher than that of magazines, the frequency of outdoor advertising is higher than that of magazines, and the impact of magazines is greater than that of newspapers.

each type of media has its own advantages and limitations.
understand the characteristics of each type of media, Newspapers are the most widely read class in the media in terms of occupation and education level.
based on the information of readers at different stages.
it is easier to implement regional plans for newspaper advertisements.
moreover, the distribution area of newspapers is clear.
regular subscribers are the main target, It can be said that the newspaper is the most planned and stable media.

the advantages of newspaper advertising are mainly reflected in its flexibility, flexibility and timeliness.
it has a high coverage of the local market and is easy to be accepted and trusted.
however, its disadvantages mainly lie in its low transmission rate, poor preservation, poor authenticity, and so on The advertising space is too small to be ignored.

2. Magazines are advertising media.

2The advantage of the magazine is that it is specially selected by readers.
the reliability of readers is the advantage of using the magazine media.
the readers who read the magazine are already under the influence of the magazine. It can be said that the relationship between the reports published in the magazine and the readers, Compared with other media, they are in a more natural relationship.
reading their favorite magazines is in a state of full acceptance.
therefore, emotional advertising can play a better role in rational persuasion.

judging from the continuity of advertising.
magazines are well preserved, have a long advertising life, and have the opportunity to be read by readers for a long time, In addition, we can also expect to have a circulation rate several times more than the number of copies issued by magazines.

compared with newspaper advertisements,
magazine advertisements can cover the national market at a relatively low cost, which is one of its outstanding characteristics.
from the perspective of magazine sales,
magazine advertisements tend to be almost concentrated in metropolis, just like newspapers, It is not suitable for advertisements in specific regions.
of course.
there are also flexible media that can publish advertisements in specific regions.

in general.
the advantages of magazines are strong pertinence, good selectivity, high credibility, certain authority, high repetition rate and high transmission rate, It has a long shelf life.
its disadvantage is the long lead time of advertising purchase.
some circulation is invalid.

3. As one of the four major media, broadcasting has the first characteristic of timeliness.
newspapers have been greatly hit by the emergence of broadcasting, that is, timeliness has been taken away.
since then, broadcasting has always taken timeliness as the first weapon.
broadcasting has this characteristic.
broadcasting has this characteristicIn terms of advertising, timely radio advertising is effectively used.

radio is a media suitable for personal preferences.
due to the emergence of television,
radio has given up the primacy of entertainment to television.
as a personalized media, it still occupies an important position.
for personalized media, it is necessary to adopt personalized appeal method, It is particularly important to give the audience a sense of closeness that other media can't get.
the audience hopes that the programs they are interested in will not be obstructed by others.
they can enjoy them alone.
radio advertising should emphasize the appeal to special classes.

radio can advertise to the whole country.
it can also advertise to specific regions.
national advertising can be published.
it can be used The advantages of broadcasting are rapid and timely dissemination of information, wide range of dissemination, strong selectivity, and low cost.
its disadvantages are that only sound is transmitted.
information exposure is fleeting, TV is not as attractive as TV.

4. TV is the leading role of modern advertising.
TV is the most family entertainment media in all modern media.
the closeness to the audience is also very strong. It is a media that touches both vision and hearing.
by attracting the audience into the picture.
moving the emotion, the understanding of goods is very fast, The performance of high fixation rate can be achieved by dynamic motion.
TV advertising has a demonstration effect that can not be compared with other media.
creative works that often become the topic must also be induced by TV advertisingAnd.
through the color image of TV, the visual effect of the goods is the same as that of the store, and the sales efficiency will also be improved rapidly.

the main advantages of TV media are appealing to people's hearing and vision.
it is infectious, can attract high attention, has a wide range, and has a high delivery rate.
the main disadvantages are high cost and much interference.
the information is fleeting, selective, convenient and convenient Less targeted.

5. Online advertising

is a new form of advertising media in the advertising industry.
shops can advertise in two main ways: one is to establish the company's own website; the other is to establish its own website; The second is to buy an advertising space from an online publisher.

(1) the advantages of online advertising are more and more obvious with the development of the times.
the advantages of online advertising are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

① online advertising can classify customers according to more subtle personal differences, Different advertising information is delivered separately.
② online advertising is interactive.
online consumers have the ability to feedback.
the majority of consumers are eager to get information in time. Once a consumer loses interest in it, they should make a small sum, The information that is very useful to others will disappear.
interactive advertising requires that the information to be said be transmitted layer by layer as part of the "dialogue" with the audience. Once an individual begins to be interested in the initial information, the advertiser will turn to the next step, (3) online advertising uses the most advanced virtual reality interface design to achieve immersive feeling.
the virtual reality world provided by online advertising.
it will bring new experience to the audience④ The composition of online advertising users is the factor that advertisers are willing to invest in.
most of these users are students and well-educated people.
the average income is high.
the most successful websites have ways to retain repeat customers.
at the same time, they don't seem too commercialized. In order to make their websites more attractive, Some companies have become online publishers themselves.

(2) the limitations of online advertising are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

① the scope of online advertising is still relatively narrow.
② the price problem.

6. Other media

besides newspapers, magazines, radio and television, there are some other advertising media, Such as outdoor advertising media and direct mail advertising media.

the advantages of outdoor advertising media are good repeated appeal effect.
it has strong selectivity to regions and consumers, high fax degree, low cost, and certain compulsive appeal nature.
its disadvantages are small communication area.
creativity is limited.

the advantages of direct mail advertising are targeted, low cost, etc Strong selectivity.
it has high attention rate, high transmission rate, high repetition rate, strong flexibility, no competition from the same media advertising, and heavy human feelings.
its disadvantages are high cost, small communication area, and easy to cause the phenomenon of over posting.
the paper analyzes the problems of over posting, and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the quality of advertising
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