How to integrate new media with traditional media?
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By a competent tube.
On October 6, Xinhua News Agency broadcast a report that "emerging new technologies have a huge impact on the development of media": more than 20 years ago, the popularity of the Internet was regarded as whimsical, Nowadays, it has become a part of human life.

How to integrate new media with traditional media?

the rapid development of information technology is always beyond people's estimation.
and new media forms are born.
new technologies emerge in an endless stream.
have had and will still have a huge impact on the development of media.

in recent years.
the development of new media and its huge impact on traditional media have always been the focus of the industry This reporter interviewed pan Zijiang, editor in chief and general manager of on relevant topics.

traditional media should have a clear understanding of new media.
young reporter: general manager Pan.
Hello! Compared with newspapers, radio and television, people usually call websites as "new media". After years of exploration and development,
"new media" has flown into thousands of households and integrated into the work and life of ordinary people.
from this perspective,
"new media" is no longer "new".
for paper media, despite the research, debate and Exploration is very lively, but it always gives people the feeling of "no way in". "
in your opinion,
in terms of understanding and developing" new media ", which" Crux "and" trap "need to be solved urgently in the concept and practice of traditional media, especially the newspaper industry all the new forms of communication are new mediaWhen we talk about "new media", the general reaction refers to the Internet and mobile phones.
this is a concept that we should correct.
only when we have a comprehensive and correct understanding of new media can we know how to recognize and develop new media.

there are many kinds of new media.
the development of new media is also very fast, The market of traditional media is bound to be squeezed continuously.
when developing new media, the traditional newspaper industry should focus on developing those fields related to its core business.
that is, how to develop its original things, such as content, in multi-level and multi-media forms through new media forms, So as to generate more value.

many multimedia have carried out a lot of exploration in these aspects, but there are also some disputes in the process of exploration.
for example, the development of digital newspapers.
Guangzhou Daily, Jiefang Daily and Yantai daily have all made attempts, The result is not ideal.
one of the key reasons is that the electronic newspaper reader can not be popularized.
I think.
the electronic newspaper reader is just a transitional product. Now, the screen of mobile phone is expanding, and the screen of notebook computer is shrinking, which makes the living space of the carrier of electronic newspaper reader very small.
it has two inherent defects, one is that the cost is too high, One is that the transmission is not convenient, which limits its development.

now the traditional media should focus on the development of the Internet and mobile media.
especially mobile phones.
now the number of mobile phone users in China is more than 600 million, twice that of Internet users and dozens of times that of newspaper readers. In Shandong, there are 50 million mobile phone users, Qilu Evening News, with the largest circulation in the province, has only 1 million readers,Therefore, compared with the traditional media form of newspaper, the market space of mobile newspaper is very large.
of course.
there are also some problems in the development of mobile newspaper, for example, the current typesetting method of website and electronic edition of newspaper can not meet the needs of readers, and can not better meet the reading experience of users.
if through the operators, the electronic edition of mobile newspaper can not meet the needs of readers With the efforts of the website,
the information transmission and page production can be improved, and the development speed will be faster.

as for the "trap", there are some.
for example, we often hear the saying of "one step ahead", Leading new technology often costs a lot.
for this,
the tone set by the leaders of Dazhong newspaper group is "tracking, not lagging behind", that is, not blindly, not blindly, not engaging in large-scale research and development of new technology. However, we should pay close attention to and closely track, so that we have already had successful experience As technology matures, we should enter the field decisively.
just like digital newspaper.
because the terminal product e-reader has great profits, manufacturers must vigorously promote it in various ways, but we should calm down and analyze the shortcomings of e-reader.
but it also has its own advantages. For example, all newspapers online in the future can be viewed through it, It can realize paid reading.
nowadays, newspaper distribution loses money.
If newspaper distribution can be realized through this electronic form in the future, it will greatly reduce the cost, and receive other newspapers through the agent, it can also realize part of the income.
if the price of the electronic reader falls below 1000 yuan one day, it can be purchased in large quantities, thus forming large-scale communication, Therefore, we should establish our own communication channels and monopolize the operation.
the key is to grasp the cutting in time.
the key is to establish the communication channels
There is room for newspaper network interaction.
the key lies in the integration of editing and editing teams.
young journalists: media integration has become a new trend of media change, Newspaper network interaction has also become a practical way for news websites and newspapers to achieve win-win development.
in recent years, some major activities have been reported.
Volkswagen has explored newspaper network interaction with the paper media of Volkswagen newspaper group, and achieved certain results.
from your practice.
Where is the space for newspaper network to achieve deep integration and interaction? What are the key points<
Pan Zijiang: there is still potential for newspaper network to achieve deep integration and interaction. The first is the interaction of network community.
the biggest problem of traditional newspapers is that there is no way to provide timely feedback of information.
now every newspaper has its own reader group.
if these readers can be connected through the network, an online community will be formed, which will help readers communicate with newspapers The effect will be better if readers interact with each other.
the 19th floor community of the city express is more successful.
the city express publishes information content on the 19th floor forum of, and selects the forum content as the information source for reporting, This is a win-win action for newspapers and websites.

the second is the interaction of news.
for example, in a newspaper group,
all media have to interview the same news event, and all media have to send reporters. Then, how can we better save manpower and resources and get the maximum news value? In addition, traditional newspapers have many advantages over the Internet in terms of editing and editing, editors and reporters have rich experience and strong business ability, but the newspaper layout is limited, and many contents can not be put on the layout, so the rest can be provided to the website.

the key problem of newspaper network integration is the integration of the visiting team.
the key problem of newspaper network integration is the integration of the visiting teamHow to integrate the power of interview.
at present, newspapers and the Internet are not an interest body.
many problems can not be solved well.
now, it's still a matter of system.

young reporter: in October.
the 11th National Games was held in Jinan, In this report on the National Games,
what new explorations do we have in terms of news content and newspaper network interaction at the same time.
we have accumulated some experience in news reporting and trained the team.
in the aspect of newspaper network interaction.
the group has established an all media interactive newspaper team, We try to catch the news with the method of all media.
for a news event, the reporters of the mass network first use audio to release the news, put it on the website, and then use text and video for more in-depth reporting.
some of our traditional media reporters are still used to interviewing in the daytime and writing in the evening.
they are not quite adapted to the working mode of grabbing news by minutes on the website, This all media way of reporting has greatly touched many journalists.

in the aspect of newspaper network interaction.
the public network and Qilu Evening News jointly set up a column of "often go home to have a look", inviting some star athletes to return to their "home" - Qilu Evening News and for interviews, which were broadcast live to netizens in the guest interview room of the public network, The process of interview is also the process of newspaper interview.
this column has attracted a lot of audiences.

new media should have the courage to take social responsibility.
establish credibility
young journalists: news, activities, forums,It can be said that news websites have become the "troika" of great influence.
since last year, Volkswagen has planned many social public welfare activities, such as sending love new year goods to Beichuan, "May 12, I want love - please drink Beichuan tea this summer", a series of activities to welcome the National Games, college students' paid internship activities, etc, Pan Zijiang: compared with the traditional media, the Internet lacks credibility, but it is still lack of credibility, If a media wants to get long-term development, its credibility is indispensable.
since last year, we have started to do some social public welfare activities to establish our own image, So as to improve our credibility.

this is inspired by a book donation activity for hope primary school.
there is a hope primary school in Changqing District of Jinan.
since 2007, we have held a love book donation activity every year before the "June 1st" Festival. Every time we held the activity, many touching things emerged, including personal donation and corporate sponsorship, Even when we bought books, Xinhua Bookstore heard that we were donating books for hope primary school, and gave a big discount.
this made us deeply feel the enthusiasm of all walks of life to do public welfare undertakings.
and the appreciation of the public network for doing these things.

this year.
we improved some previous activities on the basis of 2007 and 2008, And organized some new projects.
such as "5.12.
I want to love - please drink Beichuan tea this summer."On the first anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake.
more than 3000 reporters came to Wenchuan, and most of them focused on how to carry out the construction assistance.
we just thought.
what else can we report when we go? What can we really do for the disaster area? During the Spring Festival this year, when the reporter of Dazhong went to Wenchuan to deliver the new year's goods, he got a clue that the sales situation of Beichuan tea was not very good. After repeated study, we decided to launch this activity.
the activity has received strong support from all walks of life.
many tea dealers took the initiative to ask for Beichuan Tea Fair in their tea market, The event brought more than 20 million yuan of orders for Beichuan tea.
Beichuan tea, which has not been able to go out of Sichuan, is famous in Shandong Province.

during this period, the influence of the public network has also been greatly improved.
a total of words, videos, pictures, videos, etc There are more than 2000 audio reports.
the number of hits on the news topic page exceeds 3 million; CCTV, people's daily, Xinhua News Agency Daily Telegraph, central and local key news websites and other media all over the country carried out reports. Xinhua News Agency issued a special comment, proposing "to do more good to drink Beichuan tea". Shanghai, Henan Tea dealers in Jiangsu and other places have also expressed their intention to sell tea.
this news aid action can be said to be the most dazzling in the reports of "the anniversary of the May 12 earthquake" all over the country It is one of the warm reports.

aiming at this year's National Games.
we also planned ten series of activities.
for example, "planting trees for the Green National Games on March 12" activity.
at that time, nearly 3000 people participated in the activity, which was very spectacular, and it was said that it was the largest number of people participating in tree planting activities in Jinan. more than 5000 smiling face pictures and more than 3 million votes have been received.

young reporter: how are so many influential and popular activities planned? Is there a special organization or department for example, the paid internship activities.
the reason is that we are going to recruit 15 fresh college students this year, and there are 500 or 600 people when we sign up, But in the end, only five or six people are suitable.
we feel that there is a great distance between the quality and skills of students and the needs of employers.
this distance is largely due to the lack of work experience of students.
now, due to the provisions of the labor contract law, enterprises have to pay more attention to the quality and skills of students, However, it is not easy to use the labor force.
so we designed this paid internship activity: enterprises provide paid jobs, and students voluntarily participate in the activity.
this activity provides more than 1000 jobs.
among them, 60% and 70% of the students find jobs through paid practice, and the response is very good.
with the help of this activity. The image of the public welfare network not only goes deep into the hearts of young netizens, but also establishes ties with a large number of enterprises with a sense of social responsibility, which adds stamina for the future cooperation and win-win of the public network.

the key to the success of these activities is to plan and organize them according to the characteristics of the event itself and the network media, The audience can easily participate.
there is a slogan in the public welfare group "public help group" organized by us.
there is a slogan in the groupIt's called "doing good with ease". These activities are very close to every citizen. Sometimes they're just a little help, or helping out with an idea, It's easy to participate.
only in this way can we get the resonance and response of the broadest audience.
better results can be achieved.

the premise of charging for online newspapers is to overcome the homogenization phenomenon.
young journalists: recently.
Murdoch proposed again, A recent survey of 118 newspaper executives in the United States and Canada conducted by the American Press Association shows that 58% of respondents said they would consider charging for online content, Among them, 22% of the newspapers intend to charge within this year.
some domestic newspapers are quite concerned about this.
but there are also constant disputes.
whether to charge or not.
this is a problem.
the difficulty is to design a model that can not only charge but also retain readers.
What do you think of the charging trend of newspaper online edition there is a process to charge for it.
if we really want to charge for it.
all newspapers have to charge together, and it is very unrealistic to have only one or two to do it.
why? Because the homogenization of newspaper content is too serious now.
several urban newspapers in a city have a very high degree of coincidence of information. If you charge, I can read other newspapers, and I won't miss any important content.

if you want to be able to charge and be read, you can only improve the core competitiveness of the newspaper itself, that is, to write exclusive and exclusive newspapers The ability of original news and information processing can make your own content irreplaceable and make readers feel that you can't do without reading it.
the ability of original news and information processing can make your own content irreplaceableJust like the Wall Street Journal,
its online edition has become the most successful paid news website in the world, relying on content as the king.
only those financial websites with unique content and views, as well as some Internet content for specific groups, Charging is feasible.

the network media should expand its business to other new media.
young reporter: provincial key media websites are all based on traditional media organizations.
the profit model and profit process of traditional media are very clear.
however, the network's technological content and profit-making process are different There are great differences between traditional media and news websites in operation characteristics and communication rules.
this situation also makes some news websites run by traditional media very distressed: where is the profit space of news websites it's always a new problem.
generally speaking,
it's not feasible for websites to follow the old way of traditional media.
portal websites like Sina.
advertising revenue only accounts for about 50% of the total revenue, It's impossible to support itself.
it's the same for news websites.
the most taboo thing for advertisers is to put in advertisements like sesame salt.
the communication characteristics of the Internet make it unable to focus the attention of netizens on a certain page, It is unrealistic to rely on the Internet news to drive advertising to achieve profits.
websites should also rely on other profit points, such as games, entertainment, consumption, e-commerce, etc.

then they should expand to other media.
for example, mobile phones, LED outdoor screens, etc., to develop new profit points.
relying on the Internet alone.
the business space is not very large, And it will be very slow.

young reporter: you once proposed a strategic goal - to occupy the "three screens": computer screen, mobile phone screen and outdoor large screen.
young reporter: you once proposed a strategic goal: to occupy the "three screens"In the pioneering new year of Dazhong newspaper group.
Dazhong has determined ten major innovation projects in combination with its own characteristics. The first one is to start the corporatization operation of "urban large screen network". "Br> how is the work going now it is also a key cultural industry project in Shandong Province determined by the Publicity Department of Shandong provincial Party committee.
the first big screen has been broadcast in Jinan International Airport. Next, we are going to broadcast it in Jinan long distance bus station Large shopping malls and other places have been launched one after another.
these places have a large passenger flow.
moreover, places like the airport basically gather the mainstream population of the society, with high quality, strong purchasing power and great social influence.
Jinan airport has an annual passenger flow of 6 million people and a long-distance bus station of 20 million people. Setting up large screens in these places not only opens up an advertising market, It is also conducive to improving the influence of the website and shaping the image of the website.
the biggest difficulty now is site selection and going through formalities.
our goal is.
to invest 40-50 million in three years and realize breakeven operation by 2010.

in fact,
these "three screens" are related to the core content of our website.
for example, large outdoor screens.
if you only advertise, That's not our strong point, advertising companies will do better than us.
our advantage is that we can plug in news.
we can quickly provide our news to the audience, even plug in TV programs, live programs and so on.

young reporter: Thank you very much for accepting our interview.
wish the public network more and more prosperous!,
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