Often have to do advertising trouble which expert now the main outdoor advertising types and advantages and disadvantages say it? Be more specific. Thank you.
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Outdoor brand (wall, single column), LED screen, outdoor light box, bus and subway media, road flag, banner, road sign
Outdoor brand (wall, single column), LED screen, outdoor light box, public transportation, subway media, road flag, banner, signboard
advantages and disadvantages and price, It depends on the specific situation.

Often have to do advertising trouble which expert now the main outdoor advertising types and advantages and disadvantages say it? Be more specific. Thank you.

too many one or two sentences can't be explained clearly. Any material that can appeal to many consumers at the same time in the form of advertising in open air or public places can be called outdoor advertising media.
outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories: plane and three-dimensional: billboard advertising, poster advertising, wall advertising, poster advertising Banner, etc.
three dimensional advertising can be divided into neon light, advertising column, advertising tower light box, outdoor LCD advertising machine, etc.
in outdoor advertising.
road signs and posters are the two most important forms, which have a great influence.
the beautifully designed outdoor advertising belt has become a symbol of a region.
the advantages of outdoor advertising are as follows:
1 High arrival rate
through strategic media arrangement and distribution.
outdoor advertising can create an ideal arrival rate.
according to the survey of strength communication,
the arrival rate of outdoor media is second only to TV media.
in a certain city, combining with the target population.
choosing the right publishing location and using the right outdoor media, You can reach multiple levels of people in the ideal range, and your advertisement can match the audience's life rhythm very well.

2. It has strong selectivity to regions and consumers.
on the one hand, outdoor advertisement can choose different forms of advertisement according to the characteristics of regions.
for example, you can choose different forms of advertisement in commercial streets, squares, parks and transportation, Moreover, outdoor advertising can also be set according to the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area; On the other hand, outdoor advertising can provide repeated publicity for regular consumers who often have activities in the district,It has a strong impression.

3. It has strong visual impact.
the ancient way of setting up giant billboards in public places has gone through thousands of years of practice.
it shows that it is effective in transmitting information and expanding influence.
a giant billboard set up in a golden area is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image.
its direct, simple and convenient, It is enough to fascinate the big advertisers all over the world.
many well-known outdoor billboards.
perhaps because of its persistence and prominence, it has become a well-known symbol in this area, and people may turn a blind eye to the streets and buildings, However, only these huge billboards are unforgettable for a long time.
outdoor advertising has a certain compulsive appeal nature.
even the consumers who are in a hurry may leave a certain impression because of a casual glance of advertising, and leave a deep impression on some commodities through many times of repetition.

4. Rich and colorful forms of expression
especially the high altitude balloon advertising With the development of light box advertising, outdoor advertising has its own characteristics, and these outdoor advertisements also beautify the city appearance. The effect of these advertisements and the city appearance integration often makes consumers accept advertisements very naturally.

5. Simple content
outdoor advertising can avoid the interference of other content and competitive advertising.

6 Long release time
many outdoor media are long-lasting, all-weather release.
they stand there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
this feature makes it easier for the audience to see, and it is convenient to see it, so it will last forever with the needs of customers.

7 The cost of one thousand people is low.
outdoor media may be the best value for money mass media.
although its price varies.
the price of outdoor media is lowBut its cost per thousand people (that is, the media cost per thousand audiences) is very interesting compared with other media: 2 dollars for spotlight billboards, 5 dollars for radio stations, 9 dollars for magazines, and 1020 dollars for prime time TV! But in the end, customers pay more attention to the cost of 1000 people, that is, the cost per 1000 audiences.

8. Outdoor advertising is more acceptable, which can make better use of consumers' blank psychology in public places when they are walking.
at this time, some well-designed advertisements and colorful neon lights can often leave a very deep impression, It can attract more attention and make it easier to accept advertisements.
1. Small coverage
because most of the locations are fixed.
the coverage will not be large and the publicity area is small, so special attention should be paid to the selection of location when setting outdoor advertisements.
for example, billboards are generally set up in places with high population density and strong mobility.
airports, railway stations, public transportation centers, etc There are a large number of floating people coming and going from the ship terminal.
it can be used as a national advertisement.

2. The effect is difficult to evaluate
because the objects of outdoor advertisement are people who are in outdoor activities.
these people are mobile, so their acceptance rate is difficult to estimate.
moreover, people are always in contact with them in activities.
therefore, the gaze time is very short, even only a fraction of a second, Sometimes people may come into contact with a lot of outdoor advertisements at the same time, so it is very important to let people's vision stay for a while in order to achieve the advertising effect.
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