The price of outdoor space rental and large screen advertising in Pingdingshan square
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1. Size: inkjet image size and actual requirements of the screen size is the same, it is different from printing, do not need to leave "bleeding" part. Inkjet printing companies generally leave "white edge" in the output picture (generally 10cm). You can and inkjet output company agreed to leave how many centimeters of the edge used to make "buttonholes.". The price is calculated per square meter, so the screen size is in centimeters. The output image does not need "bleeding", but can be drawn according to the actual size.
1. Size: the size of the inkjet image is the same as that of the actual picture, which is different from that of printing, There is no need to leave the "bleeding" part.

The price of outdoor space rental and large screen advertising in Pingdingshan square

inkjet printing companies usually leave "white edges" (usually 10cm) when outputting pictures.
you can agree with the inkjet printing output company on how many centimeters of edges to use for "buttonholes"
the price is calculated per square meter.
therefore, the picture size is in centimeters.
there is no need for "bleeding" for photo output pictures.
the price is calculated by square meter According to the actual size of the map can be.

2, image resolution requirements: spray painted images are often very large.
to understand "do not know the true face of Lushan Mountain, In fact, there is no dead standard for the resolution of inkjet images.
the following is the resolution I use when making inkjet images of different sizes for reference only (image area is square meters):
over 180 square meters (DPI: 11.25),

30-180 square meters (resolution DPI: 22.5),

1-30 square meters (resolution DPI: 45)

note: because the current inkjet printer mostly uses 11.25 DPI, 22.5 DPI and 45 DPI as the output resolution, Therefore, the reasonable use of image resolution can speed up the drawing speed.

generally, the photo resolution of 72dpi is OK.
if the image is too large (for example, the file size exceeds 400m when the actual size of the new image is displayed in Photoshop), the resolution can be appropriately reduced, and the file can be controlled within 400m.
when the actual size of the new image is displayed in Photoshop, the resolution can be reduced

3. Image mode requirements: cmky mode is used for ink-jet printing.
RGB mode is prohibited.
now all inkjet printers are four-color inkjet printing.
when making drawings, we should follow the printing standard, The inkjet company will adjust the color of the picture to be close to that of the sample.
for the photo, either cmky mode can be used.
or RGB mode can be used.
note that the red value in RGB is defined by cmky.
that is, m=100y=100.

4. Requirements for the black part of the image: single black value is strictly prohibited in both inkjet and photo images.
Color C, m and y must be added, It can be made into: C=50m=50y=50K=100.
especially when it is used in Photoshop.
pay attention to change the black part to four-color black, otherwise the black part will appear on the screen with crossroads, which will affect the overall effect.

5 Image storage requirements: spray painting and photo images should be stored in TIF format,
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