LED display assembly accessories
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Calculation results
Calculation results

LED display assembly accessories

display height required unit board: 2
display width required unit board: 10
actual display length: 3.200m actual display width without frame
actual display height: 0.320m actual display height without frame
display unit board parameters and price: semi outdoor - powerful PH10 monochrome 4-scan 32 × 16 20 pieces of 58 yuan / piece total price: 1160 yuan
display width points: 320 points of whole screen width points
display height points: 32 points of whole screen height points
control card required for display: cost performance first / hd-m partition card / 1 piece of 95 yuan
power supply required for display: Chuanglian power supply / 3 pieces total price: 210 yuan
total price of profile required for display includes Corner: 221.2 yuan
profile size for display screen: 35 * 90 black fillet / 7.04 meters
keel for display screen: 5cm thickened keel / 40 yuan
magnetic foot for display screen: semi outdoor magnetic foot / 20 yuan

display area: 1.0240 square meters, whole screen display area excluding frame
total price: 1746.2 yuan
average price per square meter of display screen: 1705.27 yuan / m2
common accessories are: unit board, control card, power supply, profile, keel, magnetic foot, accessories
you can make a display screen with 3.2 long and 0.32 high pure display area
if you add a frame,The size is 3.27 long and 0.39 high
you can baidu Qilin electronics, which has a calculator with a display screen. At the same time, where the price is relatively cheap and reputable, you need the unit board (power cable) border, corner power cable, data cable, magnetic column keel control card.
the price of the computer is relatively low
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