LED display assembly accessories
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Calculation results
Calculation results
display height required unit board: 2
display width required unit board: 10

LED display assembly accessories

actual display length: 3.200m actual display width without frame
actual display height: 0.320m actual display height without frame
display unit board parameters and price: semi outdoor - powerful PH10 monochrome 4-scan 32 × 16 20 pieces of 58 yuan / piece, total price: 1160 yuan
display width points: 320 points of full screen width points
display height points: 32 points of full screen height points
control card required for display: cost performance first / hd-m partition card / 1 piece of 95 yuan
power required for display: Chuanglian power / 3 pieces, total price: 210 yuan
total price of profile required for display: 221.2 yuan
Profile size required for display screen: 35 * 90 black fillet / 7.04 m
keel required for display screen: 5cm thickened keel / 40 yuan
magnetic foot required for display screen: semi outdoor magnetic foot / 20 yuan

display area: 1.0240 square meters, whole screen display area excluding frame
total price: 1746.2 yuan
average price per square meter of display screen: 1705.27 yuan / square meters
common accessories The components are: unit board, control card, power supply, profile, keel, magnetic foot, accessories
you can make a display screen with 3.2 long and 0.32 high pure display area
if you add a frame, the size is 3.27 long and 0.39 high
you can baidu Qilin Electronics, which has a display screen calculator,At the same time, the price is relatively cheap and reliable,
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