How does electronic display run business?
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How to do well in marketing
How to do marketing well.
first, "top marketing experts" must be people with a good mentality.
"all success comes from a good mentality."

How does electronic display run business?

a good mentality must be a positive mentality.
there is such a question: "how to move Mount Fuji"? This question is an interview question that Bill Gates asked to college graduates who are eager to apply for Microsoft.
Gates said.
there is no fixed right answer, I just want to know if these young people think in the right way.
the only simple answer is: if Fuji Mountain doesn't come here.
we will go there.
then how can we get a good attitude? 1. Use your actions to influence your mentality.
mentality decides your thoughts.
thoughts decide your ideas, ideas decide your behaviors, behaviors decide your habits, habits decide your personality, and personalities decide your destiny.
2. Don't often say negative words.
words are psychological hints.
negative words will inevitably lead to negative behaviors.
3 Be grateful.
don't complain.
be grateful.
be grateful to your family.
let's concentrate on our work; Thanksgiving teacher, call us a lot of knowledge; Thanks to the leadership, we have created a good working environment; In addition to letting people know that you have some complaints and dissatisfaction, complaining to colleagues and classmates will not bring you extra points, only points will be deducted.
complaining is like "yawning" on the bus.
it will infect the whole city with yawning, which will only make the environment worse and worse, and will not play a role.
4 Learn to motivate yourself.
success requires people to motivate themselves by saying "I'm the best" to themselves every day.
the same is true.
the same is true"Experts" will not be complacent because of temporary success.
they will not be discouraged and give up because of temporary failure; People with a good attitude will be optimistic when they are motivated to work; For people with a good attitude, the sun is new every day; You seldom hear him complain. His way to solve problems is always more than difficult; When others see difficulties in their eyes, they can always see opportunities through problems.
the second "top marketing experts" must be hardworking, learning and summarizing salesmen.
without diligence, they will never succeed.
there is "no pains.
no gains" in English; There is an old saying that "diligence makes up for clumsiness, which is good training, and hard work makes up for talent."
look at the people with good performance around you.
which one is lazy? Therefore, if you want to be a "top expert", you'd better use the word "diligence" to compose words and try your best to achieve it.
learning is a basic ability.
"reading books, reading people, reading things"
learn from colleagues.
learn from leaders, customers and everyone's advantages, You are a master.

the third "top marketing expert" must be a salesman who has worked in multiple markets.
only when you have worked in multiple markets can you find the rules to solve problems from different regional markets.
only when you have worked in multiple markets can you say that you are top in one or several aspects.
it is necessary to be a good salesman in a regional market A qualified salesman; The salesmen who can do well in different regional markets are excellent salesmen; To be able to do a good job in different enterprises and different regional markets is the "top marketing expert"; The person who can manage the different regional markets of different industries and enterprises is a marketing expert.
in this paper, a marketing expert is selectedThe fourth "top marketing expert" must be good at communication.
"without communication, there will be no marketing.
the fifth "top marketing expert" must be a passionate and energetic salesman.
passion can infect people.
passion can deliver.

the sixth "top marketing expert" does not believe in experience.
only believes in initiative.

the seventh "top marketing expert" does not believe in experience Most of the "top experts" have thick hair.

the eighth "top marketing expert" is very "savvy.
savvy is the most important word in customer negotiation.
it is the inspiration in sales promotion planning and the extraction of selling points in distribution, It's a "door-to-door kick" in terminal sales.
I work as a car TV.
you need to find out its customer base first, and then find the customer source,
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