LED electronic screen
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LED electronic screen

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I      Introduction

1   Concept: LED panel: also known as electronic display or floating character screen.
it is composed of LED lattice.
text, picture, animation and video can be displayed through the lighting of lamp beads. The content can be changed at any time, and each component is a display device with modular structure.
it is usually composed of display module, display module and display module The display module is composed of a lattice of LED lights.
it is responsible for light-emitting display; The control system can make the screen display text, pictures, videos and other contents by controlling the lighting of the corresponding area. The constant dance card can not only control the display of subtitles offline, but also play animation, and adjust the brightness automatically; The power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display screen   Features: high brightness.
the contents can be displayed include text, pictures, animations, videos, etc., and the size can be arbitrarily combined. It has a wide range of applications and various display modes.

outdoor arc screen (the size and shape of the display screen need to be customized can be realized through modular assembly)

3   Classification:

(1) according to the color: monochrome, two-color, color.

monochrome screen (common is monochrome.
color)There are green, yellow, blue, white and other color unit boards on the market)

two color screen (the common combination is red and green, which can display three colors of red, green and yellow.
this picture is an indoor two-color screen)

full color screen (the indoor screen has high pixels.
the viewing distance is close; The pixels of outdoor screen are relatively low, but the viewing distance is long)

(2) according to the use occasions, it can be divided into indoor screen, semi outdoor screen and outdoor screen.
the indoor screen is suitable for the hall and the places with walls and roofs that are not directly exposed to external light.
the module has low brightness and is generally not waterproof; The semi outdoor screen is suitable for doors, cars, windows and other places that are not exposed to the rain.
the brightness of the module is the same as that of the outdoor.
you can choose the highlight, which is not waterproof; The outdoor screen is suitable for outdoor open areas without any shelter, the roof, the outside of the building and other places.
the brightness of the outdoor module is higher.
the super bright module should be selected for the display screen with direct sunlight, and the waterproof box is generally selected, (3) according to the diameter or spacing of luminous points:

indoor single and double color screens are divided according to the diameter of luminous points Φ 3.0mm、 Φ 3.75mm、 Φ

outdoor, semi outdoor, single and double color, full-color screens.
indoor full-color screens are divided into P6, p7.62, P10, p12.5, p16, P20, etc. according to the point spacing.
according to the point spacing, the indoor full-color screens are divided into P6, p7.62, P10, p12.5, p16, P20, etc.
according to the

2      Composition

1   Unit board: the unit board is the most important component in the display screen.
according to certain rules, the unit board becomes the display part of the screen.
the indoor board is composed of lattice modules.
the outdoor and semi outdoor unit board is composed of display lattice by lamp beads.
the proportion of unit board in the whole screen price can reach more than 80% of the total screen price.
the selection of unit board depends not only on the brand, price, price, price, etc After sales.
the uniformity, brightness, viewing angle and light decay of the light should also be investigated, Now many manufacturers are doing better in these aspects.
however, these indicators of the unit boards of some manufacturers will decline seriously in a month or so.
it is estimated that they will meet the requirements by using the next few lamp beads through some technical processing.
however, problems will arise after a long time.
I saw in front of several banks that the effect of the newly installed unit boards is very good.
after a few weeks, The brightness drops sharply, and the overall uniformity is not good, like patches, which is ugly.

indoor unit board (composed of modules).
generally, single and double colors are the most.
indoor full-color unit board now has more three in one surface paste and three in one surface paste.
the size of f3.75 is 30.4cm * 15.2cm.
the size of f5.0 is 48.8cm * 24.4cm, The number of points is 64 in horizontal and 32 in vertical, and the circuit principle and interface are the same)

three in one surface mounted unit board (not only for indoor use, but also for indoor use,This kind of unit board is also available outdoors.
one of the three in one points is red, green and blue, which are packaged in one lamp.
the three in one points are red, green and blue, which are composed of one point each.

semi outdoor P10 monochrome board (size: 32cm * 16cm, points: 32 * 16)

2   Control card: the control card is the core component of the display screen, Responsible for the content of the display screen and related Animation Stunts.
you can edit the program through the control software on the computer and export it to the display screen to change the content.
you can also change the information through the mobile phone or remote control.
according to the quality and function effect of the card.
the price varies from dozens to thousands.
there are dozens of control cards on the market now.
in addition to some brand control cards, Many of the cards are produced by small workshops with several people, and there is no guarantee of quality after sales.
some of them can't even find people in a few days.
therefore, we must pay attention to the brand when choosing the control card.
hengwu card can be used safely.

hengwu card carries P10 monochrome board connection example

3   Power supply: all components on the display screen use DC 5V power.
pay attention to the selection of switching power supply.
in the industry, it is generally recommended to choose the power supply of Chuanglian and chenglian.
because they have always been used as the control power supply for the display screen.
of course, there are new power supplies in the past two years, which are also good.
as long as they promise to return and replace the power supply within one year

The most commonly used display power supply is 5v40a (200W), and the power quality of most manufacturers is not bad.

4   Outer frame: the common display screen is made of aluminum profile.
the inner frame is made of light steel keel, and the unit board is absorbed on the keel by magnet.
or the shelf is welded with angle iron.
stainless steel plate is used for edge wrapping.
outdoor screen and full-color screen use more boxes.
the box is made according to a certain size.
a box can fix a certain number of unit boards and power supply, It's convenient for assembly and maintenance.
the cost of a square meter of simple box is four or five hundred more than that of aluminum profile.
the cost of a square meter of waterproof box is seven or eight hundred more than that of aluminum profile frame.

the cost of a square meter of simple box is four or five hundred more than that of aluminum profile frame      

     Profile section      Profile group frame      Profile corner


       Simple box (generally used indoors.
not waterproof)      Waterproof box (generally used outdoors)

III      Market division

the current LED industry chain can be divided in this way (I said that the industry chain starts from the manufacturers of the unit board, not counting the upstream lamp module manufacturers):

1. Manufacturers: including the manufacturers of the unit board, control card, power supply and profile,Among them, the manufacturers of unit boards are the leading ones.
they not only provide unit boards, but also provide the production, debugging and installation of finished screens, especially full-color screens.
they are responsible for the production of basic components of display screens.
the customers they face are generally wholesalers, engineers and manufacturers Manufacturers and end customers.
the quality of the unit boards of brand manufacturers is relatively stable.
when you choose the unit boards, you must choose good manufacturers.
those with poor technology.
those with low price should not be used.

2   Wholesalers: there are two kinds of wholesalers: one is mainly for the wholesale of all components of the display screen.
such wholesalers are required to have a stable customer base.
they can provide customers with high-quality and low-cost unit boards, control cards, power supplies, etc There are technical team and service team to ensure that customers may have problems at any time.
they have enough capital operation strength to cope with the daily capital flow.
at the same time, for such wholesalers, the capital flow should be large and fast, otherwise it will be over.
they also undertake the production of finished screen.
they are used to practice the process of making screen, so as to provide better services for customers below; They also have their own supply and marketing channels.
they have technical advantages, It can provide customized delivery of finished screens for the following customers.
in this way, the screen technology and service will be more guaranteed.
of course, they are also engaged in project bidding and bulk wholesale business.
most of their purchase channels will come from bulk wholesalers.
in this way, the capital pressure will be less.

3 Engineering companies: they have stable customer resources.
they are mainly engaged in projects requiring bidding,The profit is relatively high.
at the same time, their process, technology and service are more secure than other screen makers.
most of the engineering firms have many years of screen making experience.
however, now the engineering firms are more impacted by advertisers.
these people are relatively stable in the industrial chain.
they are all related, so we don't discuss them.

4. Manufacturers: including advertising stores, advertising companies, advertising companies, advertising companies, advertising companies Decoration companies and so on.
my personal opinion.
the popularity of display screen starts from entering the advertising industry, because the stores and production and delivery network of the advertising industry is a bit wired and relatively perfect network.
photoelectric display has just entered the advertising industry, and electronic light box is used as the carrier.
however, the production of electronic light box is troublesome, and the words and graphics that can be displayed can not be replaced, However, at that time, the display industry was mainly engaged in engineering, The price is relatively high.
some visionary practitioners have seen this trend.
slowly introduce relevant components of the display screen and wholesale them in the advertising market.
after more than a year of running in.
the display screen has become a new direction for the development of the advertising industry.
Advertising stores and decoration companies are the terminals of the industrial chain.
they face customers directly and have the greatest impact on customers, At the same time, it can also collect the first-hand information of customers in time for feedback.
it is their efforts that make the display screen shine in the advertising industry.

constant dance card.
let the display screen move.
www.hengwuled.com1 and LED light source show that LED light-emitting words are the mainstream of the current light-emitting words.

The main reason is that the LED cold light source is 12V low-voltage power, its biggest advantage is energy saving, durability, low maintenance rate, and wide application range. The LED used by our company is the electronic chip of HP company, which ensures the LED light source brightness stability, long service life, and low energy consumption, which is about 15% of the energy consumption of fluorescent lamps.

2 The neon light source shows that the biggest advantage of neon light is its strong light penetration.
but its maintenance rate is relatively high.

3. The fluorescent tube light source adopts pure Philips light tube.
the light source brightness is stable.
it is suitable for large flow.
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