What is the calculation method of LED electronic display engineering quotation?
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I don't understand very well. I saw an article about the quotation of LED display screen before
I don't know much about it. I saw an article about the quotation of LED display screen before:

What is the calculation method of LED electronic display engineering quotation?

1. The price of display screen body is generally calculated according to the price per square meter, that is, the quotation of common LED display screen is XXX yuan / m2, and the quotation will be different according to the display screen model and materials.
the quotation of display screen body generally includes the requirements of a full set of LED color screen: tube core, module circuit board, IC driver chip Module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all wiring and connecting lines inside the display screen, etc.
generally, the quotation includes tax.
this may be different, and you should ask clearly in advance when consulting.

2. Control computer: the necessary equipment to control the LED display screen.
the configuration requirements or higher are required: Dual Core CPU, 2G memory, 512M independent graphics card The motherboard should have PCI slots.

3. Cost of control system: the cost of display sending card and receiving card.
generally, a screen only needs one sending card, which is installed in the computer host, and the number of sending cards is n.
the number of control cards is mainly determined by the size of the display screen.
generally speaking, the larger the area is, the larger the number of sending cards is The higher the density of the display.
the more the number of receiving cards used.

4. Led playing software: including computer system software.
LED video playing software, etc.
is generally provided free of charge
5. Power distribution cabinet: small area led display can not be used; It is recommended that the display screen with the maximum power consumption of more than 10kW should be equipped.
it can provide voltage and power supply current for the stable operation of all components of the display screen equipment, and effectively prevent the failure of the power supply switch box of the display screen.

6. Air conditioning: heat dissipation equipment.
outdoor LED display screen with an area of more than 20 m2 must be equipped with air conditioning by the manufacturer,In order to ensure the normal operation of the screen and prolong the service life of the display screen components.
generally, the indoor screen or small area display screen can not be used; Wall mounted air conditioner is strongly recommended for large area indoor display screen.
it can effectively reduce the temperature, ensure the normal long-distance travel of the display screen under high temperature, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life.

7. Multi function card: used for indoor display screen.
its main function is to intelligently adjust the brightness, temperature and other values of LED full-color display screen in different periods, so as to save energy and extend the service life of LED display screen; The indoor display screen can not be used.

8. Lightning arrester: used for outdoor LED display screen.
it is mainly lightning protection device; The indoor display screen can not be used.

9. Video capture card: TV card.
a small card, which is installed in the computer and equipped with the corresponding driver software, can make the display screen play the cable TV channel programs synchronously. Customers can choose whether to use it or not, The price is not expensive.

10. LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall display effect and function application of large screen.
fully tap the value of the display screen.
solve the problems of various video signal access, high-speed display, high-speed display, high-speed display, low-cost display, low-cost display, low-cost display, low-cost display, low-cost display, low-cost display There are many brands and models of LED video processors.
the prices are different.

11. Audio + power amplifier: a device that allows the display screen to synchronously play video and make sound.
generally, it is equipped with 1 power amplifier and 2 audio.

12. Steel structure and power amplifier Manual installation: it is used to fix the bracket for installing the display screen.
generally, it is made of steel frame structure, aluminum-plastic plate or stainless steel edge wrapping material.
including the cost of manual installation (suggestion: the manufacturer can provide the design drawing of steel frame structure free of charge.
the cost of manual installation is also includedCustomers can find a local manufacturer to make it. It's simple and can be finished by ordinary workers with low cost, It's convenient for installation.
of course, customers can negotiate in advance and let the company find the installers themselves)
13. Freight: it depends on the delivery distance budget.
I believe that the majority of customers can still accept it.
in terms of cost, customers can also be responsible for the actual report.

14. Technician fee: when the display screen is delivered to the customer, the company will send 1-2 technical engineers to assist and guide Installation, technical debugging.
customers only need to be responsible for the general accommodation expenses and round-trip travel expenses of technical engineers.
the actual report is enough.

the above is about the quotation of LED display screen, including all the necessary expenses.
it is convenient for everyone to have a clear understanding.
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