What materials are used for the display screen of calculator, telephone, electronic watch and LCD TV? Why would he
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These are led electronic displays
These are all LED electronic displays.

What materials are used for the display screen of calculator, telephone, electronic watch and LCD TV? Why would he

1. Types of LED displays:
1. Single primary color displays: single red or single green; Dual color display: red and green dual primary color, 256 gray levels, can display 65536 colors; Full color display screen: red, green, blue three primary colors, 256 gray level full color display screen can display more than 16 million colors.

2, according to the composition of pixel unit classification
digital display screen: display pixel is 7 segment nixie tube.
suitable for making clock screen, interest rate screen, etc
Graphic display screen: the display pixels are dot matrix module, which is suitable for playing text and image information<
video display screen: the display pixels are composed of many light-emitting diodes, which can display video, animation and other video files.

3. Classified according to the use location
indoor display screen: the light-emitting points are small.
the pixel spacing is dense, which is suitable for close viewing
semi outdoor display screen: between indoor and outdoor, no rain proof, suitable for information guidance on lintel<
outdoor display screen: large luminous point, large pixel spacing, high brightness, can work in the sun, with windproof, rainproof, waterproof functions, suitable for remote viewing.

4. According to the driving mode, there are static, horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling and page turning display.

2 The types and advantages and disadvantages of LED used in display screen
according to the classification of display screen.
the pixel LED used can also be divided into the following categories:
1. Lattice module
advantages: low cost, mature processing technology and stable quality; Disadvantages: brightness, color consistency is not easy to control, easy to appear masseg phenomenon
2. Plug in lamp
advantages: the color consistency is better controlled,The pixel spacing can be adjusted freely according to the need; Disadvantages: the effect of red, green and blue color mixing is not good, the angle is not big, it is difficult to control the consistency of the angle, it is easy to appear uneven in processing, and it is easy to dislocation up and down, left and right let's just say something!,
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