How to be a good online telephone salesman~ I am the salesman of LED electronic display!
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Hello, friend, I'm also in charge of the sales of the factory. I hope I can help you in some way
Hello, friend, I'm also in charge of factory sales.

How to be a good online telephone salesman~ I am the salesman of LED electronic display!

talk about my humble opinion.
hope that I can give you some help:
to sell products on the Internet, I think first of all, you should improve your own website and show your factory's advantageous products in detail on the Internet.

you have to find your potential customers and be targeted, We need to find out the buyers who need your LED electronic display.
we can't be too blind.
selling LED electronic display is not like selling insurance. Not everyone can buy it.
this requires you to study carefully.
Where is the consumer group of LED display? You can use a variety of search engines, including various e-commerce websites, such as Alibaba, Baidu, YOUAH, paipai, or China led, etc.

after you get a large number of potential customers, you have to classify them, which are very eager to buy, which will be considered in the future, and which are not very promising, for different groups, Use different ways to communicate with them.
those who have a clear purchase intention have to pay more attention. Your successful order may be generated among them.

as for how to find the customer's contact number and person in charge, hehe, first get through the personal relationship, and then browse the other party's website and company yellow pages, Or telephone inquiry.
Hello, landlord.

I'm very lucky to see your question.

but it's a pity that no one has answered your question until now.
maybe you have found the answer elsewhere.

I can't help you with your question
maybe the question you asked is a little professional.
Or other people have not encountered or contacted your problem.
so they can't help you.
it is suggested that you go to the relevant forum for help.
there are usually more people there, and they are more enthusiastic, and they may be able to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

I hope my answer can also help you
good luck.

finally, I wish your family happiness, health and happiness every day
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