What is the effect of electronic transparent screen
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1. Installation method
1. Installation mode
the LED transparent screen can be applied to most of the building glass curtain walls, and can be designed to be compatible with any
LED glass screen, The product weight

What is the effect of electronic transparent screen

LED transparent display does not take up space.
light weight.
the thickness of the main board is only 10 mm.
the general weight of the display is 12 kg / m2, and it is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure.
the LED glass display needs to be designed with luminous glass when designing the building, The weight of glass is more than 30kg / m2.

3. Permeability
LED transparent screen has 50% - 90% permeability.
ensure the original lighting and perspective function of glass wall.

LED glass screen has 70% - 95% permeability.
ensure the original lighting and perspective function of glass wall.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection
do not need auxiliary cooling equipment.
save more than 30% - 50% energy than ordinary LED display screen.

5. Installation Operation
transparent LED display screen can be hung, pasted and maintained in a single way.

while LED glass screen can only be installed as special building glass during glass curtain wall construction.
low maintainability.

6. Maintenance
LED transparent screen is convenient and fast.
saving manpower and material resources
LED glass display screen can hardly be maintained and needs to be demolished, Replace the whole glass screen

7. The display effect
has a unique display effect because the display background is transparent,E-ink screen is a new method and technology for innovating information display.
like most traditional inks.
e-ink and its color changing circuit can be printed on many surfaces, from bending plastic, polyester film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic film, plastic Paper to cloth.
the difference from traditional paper is that e-ink changes color when it is powered on.
and can display changing images, such as calculators or mobile phones.

in a world full of monitors and electronic displays made of liquid crystal, light-emitting diodes and gas plasma.
you may not think that paper is a revolutionary display technology, But the paper invented by the Chinese in A.D. 105 changed the way the world communicated forever.
without paper, books might still be printed on silk reels that only the rich could afford, It makes reading and writing a rare skill.
look around you: it's almost impossible not to touch a certain type of paper in a day.
according to the British National Paper Association, the world will consume 280 million tons of paper this year, This is equivalent to 9 kg of securities paper with 56 trillion letters.

edit the working principle of e-ink
Introduction to the principle
many small "microcapsules" are attached to the surface of e-ink screen.
black particles with negative charge and white particles with positive charge are encapsulated, and the particles of different colors are orderly arranged by changing the charge, So as to present a black-and-white visual effect.
power saving is a major feature of e-books.
after the text is refreshed,It will stay on the screen for a long time, and the battery can be removed when reading.
in other words.
e-books don't consume power when reading, and only consume power when turning pages and refreshing, so the battery life will be very long.

principle detailed analysis
in recent 2000.
ink and paper are the only way to display text and images, and in terms of portability and price, It's still better than the computer monitor, and the paper doesn't need external power.
but the paper has some limitations: after printing the text on the paper.
you can't change the text without leaving some marks, And it's a lot of trouble to carry a lot of books.
scientists are about to develop a revolutionary technology called e-ink.
this technology may replace paper.
in this article,
you'll learn how to make e-ink, how it allows you to put an entire library in one book, And how it can be used as a cheaper computer display.
two companies are developing similar e-ink at the same time - eink in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Xerox in Palo Alto, California.
at first glance.
a bottle of e-ink is no different from ordinary ink, However, after careful observation, we find that there are significant differences in some places.
the products of the two companies are slightly different.
the following three components are found in both e-inks, They enable e-ink to be rearranged after receiving orders: 1. Millions of microcapsules or micropores; 2. Ink or oily substances filled with microcapsules or micropores; 3. Negatively charged colored particles or chromospheres floating in the capsule can be used on materials that can be printed with ordinary ink.
in this paper, we introduce the concept of e-inkFor e-books.
the page will be made of some kind of ultra-thin plastic.
the ink can cover the whole page.
and be separated by cells similar to the squares on the checkerboard paper.
these cells can be regarded as pixels on the computer screen.
each cell is connected with microelectronic elements embedded in the plastic plate.
these microelectronic elements can be used to apply pressure to the microcapsules Positive or negative charge, In order to form the required text or image.
Xerox and eink use different technologies to develop their own e-ink.
in order to help people understand the working principle of eink technology.
eink compares millions of microcapsules in ink to transparent beach balls.
each beach ball is filled with hundreds of tiny white table tennis balls.
this beach ball is filled with blue dye If you look at the top of this beach ball.
you'll see a ping-pong ball floating in the liquid, and the beach ball looks white.
but if you look at the bottom of the beach ball.
you'll see that the bottom of the beach ball looks blue.
if you take thousands of these beach balls and put them on a field, By moving the ping-pong ball between the top and bottom of the beach ball, you can change the color of the field.
that's how eink products work.
these microcapsules are only 100 microns wide, Each of these microcapsules contains hundreds of relatively small colored particles.
eink currently uses white particles and blue ink in its prototype products.
however, the company will continue to develop other color inks that may lead to multi-color display.
in the future, the company will continue to develop other color inksWhen a charge is applied to the microcapsule,
the particles will rise to the top or suck to the bottom of the microcapsule; When they are sucked to the bottom.
viewers can only see black ink.
this can form black-and-white patterns.
to form words and sentences.
Xerox has been developing its own e-ink.
this technology, known as e-paper, was first developed in the 1970s.
but instead of using colored particles floating in a black liquid, the company produces an e-ink The technology is similar to that of eink.
these microspheres also respond to electric charge, which turns the microsphere from black to white, thus creating patterns on the page.
in order to produce e-book pages.
Xerox is developing a kind of rubber plate, In these rubber plates, the microsphere is suspended in the oily liquid.
one of the obstacles in developing e-books with e-ink is to create electric charge for the page wiring while still making it as thin as paper.
in this regard,
eink is at the forefront of the process of developing e-books, The agreement it signed with lucent technology gives it the right to use the plastic transistors developed by Lucent.
these micro transistors can be printed on the pages of books.
they provide enough charge to make the particles of eink change color.
in e-ink technology,
e-books are difficult to realize. E-books can be typeset by themselves and readers can turn pages in e-books, It's as if it's made of plain paper.
e-books can be programmed to display the words in Ernest Hemingway's the old man and the sea.
e-books can be programmed to display the words in Ernest Hemingway's the old man and the seaAnd after reading the story, you can replace it by downloading the latest Harry Potter from the computer database wirelessly.
in May 2000.
e-ink CEO Jim Iuliano predicted that e-books might become a reality in 2003 or 2004.
Xerox has proposed plans.
to insert a memory device into the spine of the book, With the device, users can alternately read up to 10 books stored in the device.
just as e-ink can fundamentally change the way you read.
it can also change the way you receive daily newspapers.
as far as we know.
it may be a good thing to end newspaper delivery.
newspaper delivery personnel will no longer throw newspapers from their bicycles or car windows.
a new type of high tech The newspaperman can update thousands of electronic newspapers at the same time every morning by pressing a button on his computer.
no doubt.
the feeling of electronic newspapers is similar to that of old newspapers, but you don't have to worry about the newsprint getting dirty between your fingers, And e-newspapers also eliminate the piles of newspapers that need to be recycled.
before the development of e-books and e-newspapers.
e ink will be used for mobile phones, handheld computers, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile Pagers and electronic watches develop marketable electronic displays.
and eink has obtained financial support from Motorola, a giant in the communications industry.
compared with the current display technology,
e-ink displays have the following advantages: low power consumption, flexible and easy to read, Eink launched its first product using e-ink, the large-scale display device of instant.
these large-scale devices only use 0.1 watt power.
this means that the power required to light a 100 watt bulb can power 1000 instant devices.
in this paper, we introduce the development trend of e-inkE Ink claims that the power consumption of e-ink in electronic devices will be 50 to 100 times lower than that of LCD, because e-ink only needs electricity when changing the display content.
e-books can display the same text for several weeks, It doesn't need any extra charge.

edit the usage of e-ink in this paragraph
e-ink can be printed on walls, billboards, walls, etc On any surface, including product labels and T-shirts.
homeowners will soon be able to change their electronic wallpaper immediately by sending a signal to the e-ink sprayed on the wall.
taking advantage of the flexibility of this ink.
it will also be able to develop rollable displays for some electronic devices.
another advantage of e-ink over traditional computer displays is that it is easy to read However,
Xerox and eink have to improve the resolution of their products, They can be used in books or other small font publications.
Xerox has made displays with 200 dpi resolution.
more than twice the resolution of ordinary LCD displays.
Lucent's printable transistors should allow eink to improve the resolution of its products.
make it similar to that of printed books.
developers of e-ink We don't expect people to throw away all the paper or give up the computer monitor as soon as the e-ink products come into the market.
e-ink will coexist with traditional paper and other display technologies in the initial stage.
in the long run.
e-ink may cause billions of dollars impact on the publishing industry.
e-ink will bring about a huge impact on the publishing industry.
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