Sichuan LED electronic display
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1、 Appearance inspection
1、 Visual inspection

detection method: visual inspection, hand feeling

Sichuan LED electronic display

1. The color is consistent with the sample (normal vision, no obvious color difference observed under natural light or fluorescent lamp), and the same batch of products have no color difference (Note: color difference includes color and gloss); The surface of the coating shall be smooth, flat and uniform, and the surface shall be free from the following defects: no dry back adhesion, particles, bottom leakage, pitting, blooming, wrinkling and mechanical damage

2. Coating adhesion: there should be no shedding phenomenon (including intersection)

3. Appearance of silk screen printing: the content of silk screen printing should be clear, complete, uniform in color, without burr, defect, tailing and pollution; The specific content, location, pattern and font size of all silk screen printing are described in detail by the corresponding drawings, and the manufacturers screen printing in strict accordance with the design requirements of the drawings.

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II. Box inspection

detection method: actual measurement detection tools: vernier caliper, tape measure Level ruler.

requirements: the inspectors must inspect the incoming materials of the display box one by one in strict accordance with the designer's drawings.
check whether there are few or missing parts. If there is such a problem, it should be reported to the supervisor or the purchasing department in time.

1. The flatness of the front surface should be ensured after the punching and welding of the holes.
the surrounding panels should not be warped or deformed, The flatness error is less than 1 mm; The positioning hole size of the front panel of the box is strictly controlled, and the error of the hole size and the hole spacing is less than 0.1 mm; The X and Y directions of the group hole axis should be on the same straight line, and the straight line should be perpendicular to the edge of the box body, and the perpendicularity should be less than 1 mm.

2. The deviation of the box body dimension should not be more than 0.5 mm.
2The difference between the two diagonals should be no more than 1 mm.

3. The welding of the box must be firm.
there must be no false welding, missing welding and other phenomena. The welding point must be ground flat, the welding seam must be scraped, and the treatment process must be strictly standard.
the welding seam must be polished, sealed and waterproof.
it must be smooth and flat without acute angle.

4. Check whether the burr is removed.
whether the acute angle is blunt, Scraping and pricking are not allowed.

5. All nuts and nut posts must be treated by back teeth.
ensure that the screws can be locked smoothly.

6. Check whether the overall assembly requirements of the box are processed according to the drawings.
all accessories (such as locks and hinges) must adopt the existing standard parts, and their mechanical strength and sealing performance must be ensured during assembly.

7 The production department should pay attention to the use of M4 inner hexagon screw for the outer ring screw of the box when installing the module.



1、    According to the size of the display screen.
take out the number of horizontal unit boards and put them in order, without dislocation or bending.
use the roll


The ruler hooks the edge of the board (as shown in Fig. 1).
the measured size is the length of the display screen.
the length of the display screen is measured



1   The unit board should be placed in order.
the tape should hook the edge of the unit board


2. Subtract 1-2mm from the measured actual size as the cutting size (as shown in Fig. 2).



2   The actual length is 191.3cm.
the length of the body is 191.3cmThe cutting size is 191.2 cm


3. Place the unit board vertically, and the measured size is the width of the unit board (as shown in Figure 3).
note that the direction of the arrow on the unit board should be consistent.
the direction of the arrow on the unit board should be consistent



Figure 3


2. Assembly:


4. After cutting, drill holes with electric drills, and then assemble the frame with self tapping nails or rivets.
pay attention to the fixing holes


Hit the plastic corner where it contacts with the profile (as shown in Fig. 4).
click on the plastic corner



Figure 4


5. After the frame is assembled.
place the horizontal and vertical arrows on the unit board in the same direction (note that the arrows must be exactly the same).
screw the copper column or magnet used for fixing onto the screws on the two sides of the unit board (as shown in figure 5).
after the frame is assembled



Figure 5


6. Connect the horizontal unit boards together with cables.
note that the cables should not be turned over and inserted wrongly (as shown in Figure 6).
the side of the boards at both ends should be empty, and cables should not be installed.
the horizontal unit boards should be connected with cables



Figure 6


 & nbsp;& nbsp;   7. Connect the power line.
red positive and black negative.
VCC is positive and GND is negative on the unit board.
be sure to check the positive and negative connection carefullyOtherwise, the unit board or other components will be burned.
generally, three to four boards are connected together in parallel as a group.
two positive and negative connectors are led out and connected to the corresponding output terminal of the switching power supply (as shown in Figure 7). The specific connection method is described in detail later.
in this paper, the design of the switch power supply is introduced



Figure 7


8、 Fix the flat iron.
after screwing the magnet on the unit board.
cut the flat iron according to the corresponding width of the frame.
fix the flat iron on the frame with self tapping screw or rivet (as shown in Fig. 8.
Fig. 9).
note that the magnet is screwed on the screw on the edge of the unit board just now.
it is for two unit boards to use a flat iron (as shown in FIG. 10).
generally, the flat iron on one side should be drilled and fixed first
When drilling the other side of the hole, the frame should be squeezed together, so that the frame will not go out of shape.
when drilling the other side of the hole, the frame should be squeezed together



figure 8   Drilling



Figure 9   Fixed flat iron



Figure 10


 & nbsp;& nbsp;   9. After all the flat irons are fixed.
use a vacuum cleaner to clean the aluminum chips and dust on the back of the screen (as shown in FIG. 11).
the residual aluminum chips may cause short circuit and burn the unit board or other parts.
when the flat irons are fixed, the aluminum chips and dust on the back of the screen will be cleaned up



Figure 11


10. Connect the power supplyIn Figure 12,
there are generally nine semi outdoor unit boards with a 5v40a power supply.
there are three groups of output ports on the power supply.
when connecting the power supply, lead out three groups of wires as shown in the figure.
the wiring method in the figure is to reduce the load of each group of wires.
the actual production should refer to the connection method in the figure.
the design method of wiring in the figure is as follows



Figure 12


 & nbsp;& nbsp;   11. First, fix the power supply to the frame.
make sure that the length of all connectors can be connected to the power supply (as shown in Figure 13).
the power supply is connected to the frame



Figure 13


The two terminals on the switching power supply are AC 220 input terminals;   Is the screen grounding terminal, where the line is directly connected to the screen; COM is 5V negative+ V is the positive pole of 5V.
connect each group of wires on the unit board here (as shown in FIG. 14).
the connection between each group of wires on the unit board and the positive pole of 5V



Figure 14


13. Connect the control card.
the data of the LED display screen is viewed from the front of the screen.
all the data are transmitted from right to left.
the control cards are fixed on the right side of the screen.
make a hole on the right flat iron.
screw the copper post and fix the control card with appropriate screws.
pay attention that the control card should not directly contact with metal.
a wood board can be padded in the middle, The data output of the control card should not be connected to the unit board at first.
the data output of the control card should not be connected to the unit board



Figure 15


14. The power supply on the control card should be led directly from the switching power supply.
it is not allowed to connect the line to the control card through the unit board.
the positive and negative poles should not be connected wrongly (as shown in Figure 16).
the power supply on the control card should be connected directly from the switching power supply



Figure 16


15. Connect all 220 inputs of the switching power supply in parallel.
and lead out a plug as the power input of the screen (as shown in Figure 17).



Figure 17


16. Carefully check whether the power cord is connected reversely or loose.
after confirming that there is no problem.
plug in the power plug.
if all the power indicator lights are on, it proves that the power cord is connected properly.
if the power indicator lights are not on or smoke or fire is found, immediately cut off the power cord.
check the power supply and wiring.
if there is any problem, it is necessary to cut off the power cord


17. After the power supply is normal.
connect the data output line on the control card to the data input of the right column of unit boards on the display screen.
pay attention to the correct direction of the data line.
if the display is normal.
there will be no problem with the display screen.
if the display is normal



Figure 18


18. After the display is normal   href=" "   target="_ Blank "> download the latest operating software.
download the latest operating softwareSet the screen parameters through the software.
input the content to be displayed, and finally export the program to the SD memory.
connect the SD memory to the white card reader in the figure above.
the display screen will start to play the program directly.
the program will be displayed on the screen


software operation.
there are other instructions, which will not be repeated here.

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