What is the power of a LED electronic display unit board
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Indoor or outdoor? Monochrome, bicolor or full color? P2 or p3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,20,25?
Indoor or outdoor? Monochrome, bicolor or full color? P2 or p3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,20,25
if you ask so many questions, I can only give you some commonly used examples: outdoor monochrome P10 unit board, the full power of each lamp bead is about 0.06w, 16 * 32=512 points, about 30W, the calculated current is 6a, and the measured current is 4.5a, That is 22W.

What is the power of a LED electronic display unit board

in the era of LED display flooding, maybe you don't know how to start with LED products.
Beijing Jianhong Weiye advertising company lists the problems that can't be ignored for LED display products.
1. DC constant current power supply should be used for power supply. In order to reduce the cost of products, some manufacturers use the method of "resistance capacitance voltage reduction" to power LED products, This will directly affect the life of LED products.
using special switching power supply (preferably current source) to power LED products will not affect the service life of the products.
but the cost of the products is relatively high.

2. Anti static measures should be taken in the process of processing and production of LED products.
for example, the workbench should be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, With anti-static ring and anti-static gloves, the anti-static ion fan can be installed if conditions permit. At the same time, the humidity of the workshop should be kept at about 65%, so as to prevent the air from being too dry to produce static electricity, especially the green LED is relatively easy to be damaged by static electricity.
in addition.
the anti-static ability of LED of different quality grades is also different, The anti-static ability of high-quality LED is better.

3. It should be noted that the increase of temperature will reduce the internal resistance of LED. When the external environment temperature rises,
the internal resistance of LED light source will decrease. If the regulated power supply is used, the working current of LED will increase,When the rated working current is exceeded, the service life of LED products will be affected, and the LED light source will be burned out seriously. Therefore, it is better to choose constant current source to ensure that the working current of LED is not affected by the external temperature.

4. No matter what led products are, the sealing of LED products is faced with the problems of waterproof and moisture-proof as long as they are applied outdoors, If it is not handled properly, it will directly affect the service life of LED products.
at present, a small number of manufacturers with high quality requirements use the traditional epoxy resin "pouring" method to seal LED products.
this method is more troublesome to operate, and is not very suitable for larger LED products (such as LED guardrail lamps), In addition,
the quality of LED light sources on the market varies greatly. A good quantity of LED light sources not only has high brightness, low light decay and strong anti-static ability, which determines their long service life, but their price is several times higher than that of cheap LED light sources.
we will often see some LED lighting projects.
one is indeed very beautiful, However, it will soon be "incomplete", and some projects can not even be completed.
therefore, manufacturers and users should not "fight" on the price.
choose high-quality LED light sources.
take effective technical measures to ensure the quality of LED products is the way out.
the paper analyzes the reasons for this
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