Wuhan electronic screen advertisement
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There are a lot of these advertising models
There are many such advertising modes

such as advertisements on buses and focus advertisements on office elevators

Wuhan electronic screen advertisement

now there is a new advertising media, Jingcai media, which is used in entertainment places
I found a material of Jingcai media to see if I can help you<

crystal color media is the exclusive Commission of the anti drug Commission Office of Hubei public security department. It sets up LCD screens in entertainment and leisure places under the jurisdiction of Hubei Province, which are specially used to publish anti drug advertisements and commercial advertisements
installation location: the hall, elevator entrance, entrance and exit of high-end entertainment places in Wuhan<

display accuracy: 1200 * 1600

display size: 20 inches

File Format: JPG and other prohibited pictures (or customers' specific requirements)

switching frequency: more than 300 times | daily

playing time: 12 hours on average

crystal color media is at the forefront of elite fashion people's leisure time - high-end entertainment and consumer places, The influence of advertising directly penetrates into the minds and purchase decisions of high-end consumers, minimizing the unnecessary media waste; The effective combination of commercial advertising information and public welfare publicity attracts the attention of high-end consumers and highlights the cost advantage of CPM effectively
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