What qualities should LED electronic display operators possess?
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As a professional
As a professional software operator of LED electronic display, the application of software and the improvement of background database are very important!! At the same time, we should also have certain LED display maintenance technology, such as: 1. LED display main control computer is maintained by special personnel; 1. LED display is a professional equipment, and the configured computer must be dedicated to the special machine.

What qualities should LED electronic display operators possess?

2. The first is to prevent the system from being paralyzed due to the deletion of files by too many people.

3 The second is to prevent the system from being paralyzed due to virus infection.

2. Precautions for software operation: 1. Software backup: Win2003, WINXP, application, software installation program, database, etc.
it is recommended to use the "one click restore" software.
it is convenient to operate.

2. Master the installation method, original data recovery, and Backup.

3. Master the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data preset. 4. Skillfully use the program, operate and edit.

5. Regularly check the virus.
delete irrelevant data.

6. Non professional personnel.
do not operate the software system.

3 Note for change: 1. The zero and fire of the power line of the computer and the control part can not be connected reversely.
it should be plugged in strictly according to the original position.
if there are peripherals.
after the connection, it is necessary to test whether the chassis is charged.

2. When moving the computer and other control equipment.
before power on, it is necessary to check whether the connecting line and the control board are loose.
3. The position and length of the communication line and flat connector should not be changed at will.

4. In case of abnormal appearance such as short circuit, trip, burning line and smoking after moving.
the power on test should not be repeated, and the problems should be found in time.
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