How to change the words on the LED electronic display
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1. The LED electronic screen needs special software to upload the word, which is used here
1, the LED electronic screen needs special software to do the uploading after word. Here is LedshowTW

How to change the words on the LED electronic display

2, the first thing is to set up screen reference. The password
3 and the LED parameters after entering are corresponding to the LED screen that we bought. We must first scan and save the
4 and the main two blocks. The first is time. There are many formats in time. After selecting, the default appears in the upper left corner. Br> it can be enlarged and adjusted
5. The second one is content. Select subtitle to edit the words accurately
6. Select USB Download and set the time. Then plug it into the U port of the screen and upload it automatically. There is a LED control card in the LED display screen, which is usually sold by suppliers with CD software
after installing the software, if your control card is a serial port, connect the card and the computer with the serial port cable, select the model of your control card through the software, check the COM interface, change the content you want after connecting, and then click send
if you have a network interface card, connect the card to the computer with a network cable and modify it through the control software
if you have a USB interface, write the LED control software on the computer, and then connect it to the control card with U disk for modification
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