Is led electronic display promising?
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Great future!
Great future<
LED screen has low failure rate and easy maintenance.
now the price of LED screen has dropped again and again.

Is led electronic display promising?

many businesses have chosen LED as the information display screen in the store.
in the future, a large number of users will choose LED display screen! Technical parameters of LED electronic display screen

luminescent diameter:
φ 5.0/ φ 4.8/ φ 3.7mm optional

luminous color:
single red, two-color optional

number of display words:
1x8 words / 2x8 words optional

single word size:
16x16 dot matrix

viewing angle:

single point 400mcd

transmission mode:
RS232 direct communication,

Remote wireless communication

ambient temperature:
- 10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

ambient humidity:
≤ 95%

power consumption:
maximum ≤ 28w Average ≤ 18W

power supply voltage:
12V or 24V DC automotive power supply

service life:
≥ 100000 hours

system support:
support all Chinese characters and characters under Windows

large storage capacity:
store 200 screens of information content, namely 16000 Chinese characters

display mode:
move left, move right, move up, move down There are more than 30 ways such as middle deployment

power failure protection:
after power failure.
data is permanently saved

LED display has the characteristics of high life and low power consumption
and has a good market prospect,
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