Will the LED electronic display be replaced?
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Display and LED display are two industries
Display and LED display are two different industries.

LED display will definitely be replaced in the next 10 years or even shorter, but now LED display is still developing rapidly. If you have customer resources, you don't have to go through the muddy water. Just look at the rotten screens on the street, After all, pixels are a big problem that can't be solved. It's certain to replace them. But what will replace them and when? No one knows. It's just like Sony invented the Walkman one day
ask a senior practitioner for a clearer answer
I suggest to do communication. It's not mature enough in the 3G communication era, but the future must be wireless era, and intelligent home appliances should be born, which can be accessed and controlled through the Internet
cloud computing is also very popular now. Of course, it is said that it can become the mainstream, so we have to wait and see

Will the LED electronic display be replaced?

security should be good
don't focus on the common camera technology. There are many things in security, such as infrared technology, house anti-theft system. I think in the future, everyone's house will be equipped with this, and foreign countries will have this, instead of making it a pigeon cage.
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