Where to do electronic display, how to calculate?
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If it's that red
If it is the kind of red or white monochrome display, every city has done it   The average advertising agency advertising shop can do

Where to do electronic display, how to calculate?

price by square, such as a 3.2 * 0.32 screen   It's 320 cm wide with 8 cm border=328 cm    Height 32 cm plus 8 cm border=40 cm   Results=    3.28 * 0.4m=1.312m2     If the unit price is eighteen yuan per square meter   The price is 2361 yuan   The price of each city is different. Generally, the red one is between 16 and 18, and the white one is more expensive. If it is a full-color screen, it will cost nearly 10000 yuan per square meter. The warranty is one year, but it is estimated that you are far away from me   I can't do it [S: 4] my friend is doing it. The price is very cheap. The wholesale price is basically what he is doing in the bank
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