What should we pay attention to when purchasing LED display?
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Test bad points, bad points are not guaranteed, please choose carefully!
Test bad points, bad points are not guaranteed, please choose carefully! How to choose suitable LED display as a new advertising carrier has become more and more popular, More and more manufacturers have joined in the industry.
this paper introduces how to choose the suitable led in the production of LED display screen.
there are three important factors in the design of screen size.

What should we pay attention to when purchasing LED display?

there are: (1) the need of display content; (2) space conditions; (3) the size of display unit template (indoor screen) or pixel size (outdoor screen).
the resolution of ordinary LED display screen Generally, the maximum rate is 480 rows × 768 columns.
the special display screen can exceed this limit.
the common method is to combine two screens; The other is to use ultra-high speed chip to design circuit, but the cost is high.
the following is the design reference size of Yin screen: φ The point spacing of 3.0 mm is 4.00 mm.
the maximum screen size is about 2.0 m (height) × 3 meters φ The distance between 3.75mm points is 4.75mm, and the maximum screen size is about 2.5m (height) × 4 meters φ The point spacing of 5.0 mm is 7.62 mm, and the maximum screen size is about 3.7 m (height) × 6 meters.
when designing the geometric size of the display screen.
it should be based on the size of the display unit template.
the resolution of a unit template is generally 32 lines × 64 columns.
there are 2048 pixels in total, and their geometric dimensions are as follows: φ 3.75mm unit template size: 152mm (high) × 304mm (width) φ 5mm unit template size: 244mm (high) × The size of the outer frame of 487mm (width) indoor display screen can be determined according to the requirements, which is generally proportional to the size of the screen.
the size of the outer frame is usually 5cm-10cm (each side).
the size of the outer frame is generally 5cm-10cm (each side)For outdoor screen,
first of all, the pixel size should be determined.
in addition to the above-mentioned display content needs and site space factors, the installation position and sight distance should also be considered.
if the installation position is farther from the main sight distance.
then the pixel size should be larger, because the larger the pixel size is, the more LEDs are in the pixel and the higher the brightness is, However,
the larger the pixel size, the lower the pixel resolution per unit area, The less the content is displayed.
power consumption and power requirements the power consumption of display screen is divided into average power consumption and maximum power consumption.
average power consumption, also known as working power, is the actual power consumption at ordinary times.
maximum power consumption is the power consumption during startup or full light and other extreme conditions.
the maximum power consumption is the factor that must be considered for AC power supply (wire diameter, switch, etc.) φ 5mm display power consumption: average power consumption: 200W / m2; Maximum power consumption: 450W / m2 φ Power consumption of 3.75mm display=φ 5mm display power consumption × The 2.5x display is a large precision electronic equipment.
in order to use it safely and work reliably, The input end of AC220V power supply or the input end of AC220V power supply connected with the microcomputer must be grounded.
note: the input grounding end of AC220V power supply of the microcomputer has been connected with the microcomputer casing.
problems to be specially considered for the outdoor screen (1) the main problems of the outdoor screen are as follows: the display screen is installed outdoors.
it is often exposed to the rain, the wind blows the dust cover, The working environment is harsh.
the electronic equipment will be short-circuit or even fire if it is wet or seriously affected by damp.
it will cause failure or even fire, resulting in loss.
(2) the display screen may be attacked by strong electricity and strong magnetism caused by lightning.
the working environment is poor(3) The environment temperature changes greatly.
when the display screen works, it will generate certain heat.
if the environment temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work normally, or even be burned, so that the display system can not work normally.
(4) the audience should be wide.
the viewing distance should be long and the field of vision should be wide; According to the above special requirements, outdoor display must: (1) the screen body and the joint between the screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak proof; The screen body should have good drainage measures, and once the ponding occurs, it can be discharged smoothly.
(2) install lightning protection devices on the display screen and buildings.
the main body and shell of the display screen should be well grounded.
the grounding resistance should be less than 3 ohm, (3) install ventilation equipment to reduce the temperature.
make the internal temperature of the screen between - 10 ℃ - 40 ℃.
install axial flow fan above the back of the screen.
exhaust heat.
(4) select industrial grade IC chips with working temperature between - 40 ℃ - 80 ℃.
prevent the display from starting due to low temperature in winter.
(5) to ensure the safety of the screen in the ring (6) the display medium is a new wide angle tube.
the viewing angle is wide, the color is pure, consistent and coordinated, and the service life is more than 100000 hours.
the outer package of the display medium is the most popular square cylinder with shielding edge at present.
silica gel seal, no metallization assembly; Its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, durable, with the characteristics of direct sunlight, dust-proof, water-proof, high temperature and short circuit protection.
reference materials: www.lszmw.com, www.ledwang.com.
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