How do novices do large LED display business?
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First of all, you don't have to be "novice". Do LED display business,
First of all, you don't have to be "novice". To do LED display business,
1, you need to understand your own products first, what are your advantages
2, what are the customer groups? How to find customers
3, know the main customer flow direction of the product
4. Communicate with customers
5. Consult more experienced people
6, try to figure out communication skills

How do novices do large LED display business?

7, use the advantages of their own products to impress customers
I hope I can help you. No matter how well you say it, it's better to act
from: LED display screen of China LED industry Daquan / LED human resources network is composed of small light-emitting diodes (of course, light-emitting diodes can not have color) connected one by one on the PCB board (that is, circuit board), with different scanning chips to form different specifications, and then assembled by these different specifications one by one, After the completion of the assembly, a control card is used to connect all the modules of different specifications, and the control card is connected with an external output device! After the display is completed, turn on the display, and then input the content you want to display into the computer and send it to the control card for saving. In this way, the relative display content will appear on the display!
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